Tourist Market Recovery – Where to Find Relevant Information?

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In recent months, one thing has remained certain – change.

All business decisions and predictions are based on accurate and timely information. However, sometimes in the sea of easily accessible information, special skills are needed in order to find the right ones – so we offer help in fishing.

We have singled out sources that will help you actively monitor the state of the pandemic and, we believe, the imminent recovery of the market.

With the new tourist season approaching, it is crucial to actively monitor the situation on the market, adapt to it, and react adequately.

UNWTO Tourism Recovery Tracker

UNWTO Tourism Recovery Tracker is a tool that allows you to find all relevant information in one place. It provides timely data on international tourist arrivals, seat capacity on both international and domestic airline flights, information on air travel bookings, occupancy rates, and demand for short-term rentals.

Rentlio Trend Tracker

The appearance and outbreak of the COVID – 19 virus caused a global surprise effect.

At the time when everyone was collectively inclined to expect the worst, we at Rentlio team, aware of the unquestionable recovery, decided to provide insight into timely information about the changes we are all affected by.

Shortly after the pandemic broke out, we created Rentlio Trend Tracker – a useful tool that displays real-time movement of data on new and canceled bookings for our entire customer base.

The graph shows that 2021 started much more optimistic. The positive trend started in the last quarter of the previous year is further strengthened with the parallel start of vaccine distribution which should bring the pandemic under control, and thus ensure further recovery of all segments of life to which we were accustomed.

Rentlio Trend Tracker

Financial Times Coronavirus Tracker

Regularly updated information on possible recurrences of virus outbreaks and clear geographical comparisons can be found on the Financial Times website.

Coronavirus Tracker vividly and comprehensively analyzes cases around the world and offers the possibility of comparing the situation in the countries you are interested in.

Re-open EU

Information on travel rules and conditions, available services and practical information, safety, and health restrictions of all EU Member States can be found on the Re-open EU platform.

You can also find additional overview information on the website of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

Air Traffic

There will be no complete recovery of tourism without the normalization of air traffic.

Destinations that primarily hosted airline guests achieved the highest rates of decline during 2020.

All changes within air traffic can be found on the website of the International Air Transport Association, while the relevant statistics are available in a very clear and informative way on the website of the real-time flight and air traffic monitoring system – Flightradar24.

Photo by Anton Porsche on Unsplash

Like the Constant Change, Recovery is also Certain

Travel, the need for new experiences, and discovering new destinations are some of the strongest motivators of human behaviour.

The fact just mentioned is the main reason for the resilience of the tourism sector, even in these ungrateful circumstances. As we are witnessing a certain recovery, with the discovery of the vaccine and the start of vaccination of citizens around the world, we believe that the pace of return to the “old normal” will accelerate further. Recovery will undoubtedly happen, and proactivity and adaptation will certainly be further rewarded.

Use the available information for the most efficient preparation, and if you can think of a source that would be good to include in our list, write it to us in the comments below.

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