5 Questions Before Choosing a New Property Management System

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Even for the experienced, choosing a new management system can be daunting. Technological progress, the so-called digital transformation, in the hotel and hospitality industry has immensely improved the business of managers and staff. Still, more and more service providers are causing a dilemma when choosing.

For hoteliers looking for new software and solutions, going through a seemingly impossible flood of service and solution providers is so extensive that most delay the final decision.

Unfortunately, the longer you use an outdated property management system, the more potential revenue you lose.

Begin the selection process by answering a few essential questions about your business, business turnaround, and investment capacity. That is a crucial exercise that simplifies the search and saves time and energy.

1. What are the limitations of the hotel system you use?

Hotel technologies have a limited lifespan, and the scope of their offer has grown sharply.

Initially, the average PMS system managed only the most fundamental booking and check-in and out processes. The solutions have evolved into intelligent software that extends control of the entire business.

Virtually every aspect of the work can now be automated and/or managed with the PMS system. Ideally, this system will form the core – the heart of all business activities.

Think about the current and daily operations of your hotel.

In which areas does your existing PMS system fail to alleviate staff workload, save time, or improve the experience for your guests?

An outdated system will bring inefficiency into your business to the detriment of results. From overburdened staff to delays in communicating with guests, they have their source in inefficient management systems.

With constant tech development, you should expect the same from the property management system. If the current system does not meet the needs of the way of doing business, the company’s growth is stopped. A new, cloud-based property management solution by centralization will increase operational efficiency and provide a higher return on the investment you have decided on.

2. What are your most significant opportunities for extra revenue?

The benefits that a modern hotelier can derive from an effective property management system are enormous: an improved guest experience, simplified hotel operations, improved performance analytics, and business intelligence are just some of the benefits.

However, not every PMS system will support all of these areas at the same capacity.

Examine the concrete benefits that your business can achieve by implementing the ideal PMS solution.

Evaluate the possibility of a refund that each benefit represents for your specific operation. By forming a hierarchy of focus areas, you can narrow down your options to prioritize service providers above average in meeting your expectations.

3. What functionalities are your priority?

Once you define the desired areas of focus within you want to achieve a return on investment, consider the specific features that your next PMS system must offer.

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Front and back-office management, sales channel management, maintenance, revenue management, and reporting are just some of the essential features you should look for.

Also, what integrations will you need? Although the PMS system is in theory designed as a comprehensive and complete solution, it is not uncommon for the system to integrate with other software solutions. Hotel systems need to support some standard integrations, including restaurant software and accounting solutions.

4. Which solution will provide reliable support?

The PMS system and the technology you use should make each process faster and easier. When considering a solution, examine the usability of the system. Clumsy and cluttered user interfaces interfere with the team’s ability to use the new system. On the other hand, simplified, intuitive systems allow users to use the system quickly.

Inquire about the instruction that the solution provider offers to users during the first use. How the service provider will approach you during the training and presentation of specific work in the system is crucial to getting the most out of the selected PMS system.

Staff also find invaluable mobile technology to support their practical hotel management. They don’t have to be tied to the table to provide excellent service. Look for solutions that offer mobile apps so your staff can improve operational efficiency.

The customer support processes of the hotel system you choose are crucial before implementing a new management system. Your inquiries should be answered promptly, without waiting, through friendly and professional communication. Reduce your headaches and unexpected expenses in the future and those you already have due to an inadequate system.

Last but not least, be sure that the provider will regularly upgrade your system with new and improved versions, so you always have access to the latest version.

5. Amount of total costs?

Market growth has made property management technology competitive, making solutions accessible to all-size operations. Still, the new PMS system is one of the most significant investments.

The transition to the new system requires start-up costs, staff training, onboarding, and training. Find out in time whether you will pay for services such as software updates, technical support, infrastructure, or maintenance in the future. Determine with the provider that all installation fees, licensing, maintenance, ongoing services, and support are included in the price.

You will then be able to compare the total cost with the savings and revenue opportunities offered by your new PMS system. A well-tailored asset management solution brings value to the reduced workforce, operational efficiency, and higher occupancy, resulting in increased revenue and profitability.

Answers For a Quality Property Management System

While these are all relatively common and straightforward questions, the background to each is an immense help in choosing and deciding to invest in a new property management system.

Suppose you think critically about where your business is currently, what expectations you have, and what kind of path you expect in front of you, your guests, and the industry. In that case, you can make a quality decision. You can make an informed and strategic decision at the same time that will support the growth of your business and, at the same time, save you a lot of time.

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