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As a property manager, you’re likely to be juggling multiple responsibilities. If you ask any modern property manager what they would like more of (besides clients and income, of course), the answer is time. Property management today is a complex task, requiring more than just managing accommodation units from the perspective of achieving as many overnight stays as possible.

Property management means providing exceptional quality and a wide range of services to clients and providing the best possible experience for guests.

About Sun Spalato company

Boris Miodrag, CEO of the Sun Spalato property management agency specializing in luxury property management, thinks the same way. It is a full-service agency that provides a wide range of property management services, such as professional decoration and photography, sales management and price optimization on more than 60 sales channels (Booking, Airbnb, Expedia, etc.), cleaning and maintenance, check-in and check-out, and guest communication.

Villa Cikas managed by Sun Spalato

Guided by the premise that quality is the key to success, the Sun Spalato agency has become Dalmatia’s leading property management agency.

The agency has been officially operating since 2017 and currently employs 13 employees.

How has the growth looked over the years?

The beginning looked like that of many other PM companies—from a few family properties Boris managed to over 120 luxury apartments, villas, and rooms currently in the agency’s portfolio.

Hills apartments managed by Sun Spalato

The dynamics of the financial industry, where he worked at the time, and managing family apartments took up too much of his time. Boris realized that for professional property management, he needed a tool that would save him time by automating repetitive tasks and a team of people who, with their knowledge and approach, would help him achieve the set goals.

On a friend’s recommendation, Boris started using Rentlio, which was influential in the business’s growth and scaling.

With Rentlio as the central tool that Sun Spalato has used since its beginning, the agency has grown an average of 90% year-on-year from a portfolio size perspective.

How do they monitor business performance & success?

Although every business’s goal is to generate as much revenue as possible, Boris’s most important goal as the agency’s owner is the satisfaction of clients, guests, and external collaborators.

Sun Spalato nurtures the high quality of its services from day one, which is ultimately accompanied by positive financial results that proportionally follow the portfolio’s growth.

They always strive to grow their client base while ensuring that the growth is sustainable and does not affect the quality of their services.

How does Rentlio fit into the whole story?

Rentlio is the central tool of the Sun Spalato agency. It enables efficient management of accommodation units by automating daily operational tasks such as managing sales channels, prices, availability, issuing invoices, and registering guests on the eVisitor system.

Some critical things that distinguish Rentlio from other solutions on the market are its simplicity and intuitiveness of use. This makes it much easier for the Sun Spalato agency to educate new employees who use the tool independently after a few days.

“Rentlio is easy and intuitive to use, which I attribute to its excellent UX and UI. It is the best of all the tools (in the category of Channel Managers and PMS) that we have encountered so far.” Boris Miodrag, CEO of Sun Spalato

Considering the well-known employment problem in tourism and the need for a quality workforce, Rentlio’s automation of numerous processes significantly reduced the agency’s need to employ many people.

“With Rentlio, we save up to 2-3 hours daily on automated administrative tasks. It also allows us to perform repetitive tasks with a few mouse clicks.” Boris Miodrag, CEO of Sun Spalato

Boris also emphasized Rentlio’s customer support, which responds to each inquiry within a few minutes and solves all problems professionally and quickly.

Rentlio also provides the basis for integrations with other software solutions. Sun Spalato has also developed its application for controlling income and expenses, connected to Rentlio via an API. The agency makes the application available to its clients and provides them with a simpler insight into the property’s real and actual state of operations.

Advantages of property management agencies

Every renter asks himself whether to manage properties independently or leave everything to property management agencies. Independent management implies investing much effort and time, which is often impossible in today’s busy everyday life. The expectations of modern guests change from year to year, as does technology, which becomes imperative for efficient property management.

For the above reasons, an increasing number of renters entrust the management to professional property management companies such as Sun Spalato. These companies use a combination of modern technology and know-how to achieve the best possible results for their clients and provide guests with an unforgettable stay experience.

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