July Product Updates

Franko PauletićProduct Updates
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Aware of the ongoing challenging season for many, we bring you the Rentlio updates we prepared in July to make it easier for you and your guests.

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PDF reservation confirmation ✔️

Many of you have asked us how to quickly create a booking confirmation document, which your guests ask for as proof when crossing the border.

Now you can download a booking confirmation in PDF format with one click from any reservation in Rentlio. ✨

Each sales channel in its own color 🎨

To make it easier to track reservations on the calendar, you can now choose the colour of the reservation displayed for each sales channel.

Easier tracking of issued invoices 📒

We are aware that sometimes communication between reception and accounting can be stressful. The most common reason is an insufficiently prepared monthly report of issued invoices, which your accounting needs every month. Because of that, we performed several useful interventions in exporting invoices, thus shortening the time spent on manual analysis and reconciliation of reports.

From now on, when exporting your account list, you will have:

each deposit invoice contains the number of the linked main invoice;

each cancellation invoice contains the invoice number that was cancelled by it;

each invoice containing several payment methods states how much was paid by a certain payment method.

Rentlio Booking Engine Upgrades 📣

The booking engine performs top results.

As of March 1, as many as 778 direct reservations received through the Rentlio Booking Engine have been realized so far.

We are working tirelessly on improvements to keep this number growing naturally.

From now on, your booking engine is richer for:

Greek and Polish are available to your web visitors 🇬🇷 🇵🇱;

available accommodation units are always at the top of the search results;

displaying price lists automatically or by click;

brand the footer of your booking engine.

Footer branding – Rentlio

Do you already have a booking engine?

Set it up here and receive direct bookings for this season!

Grouping items from Remaris and Gastrobit 🍽️

The integration of Rentlio and Remaris allows the waiter to transfer consumed items from the restaurant to the guest’s account in Rentlio with the touch of a finger.

From now on, you can choose whether you want the consumed items to arrive individually (one item for each article) or in groups (one item for all articles). As a part of Remaris and Gastrobit integration, you choose to display items on your invoices.

Night sync of your data, just in case ⛑️

It is well known that any change in price, availability, or restriction instantly updates all of your connected sales channels. To achieve the maximum degree of security, we have developed nightly data sync of all our users.

While you sleep peacefully, the data from your Rentlio calendar “travels” to the OTA channels and thus protects you from possible damage and inconsistencies in the route Rentlio – OTA channel.

Revenue & Occupancy report 📊

In addition to statistical graphs, you can now monitor the performance of your business in detail through revenue and occupancy reports.

Track metrics such as average daily/monthly rate, average occupancy, revenue per available room, the average length of stay, and more to help you plan your sales strategy and make decisions based on the latest data. Track metrics daily, the monthly or yearly basis for each unit type, entire property or all of your properties.

Revenue & occupancy report – Rentlio

In addition to sales metrics, you will also benefit from operational metrics that are tracked on a daily basis. With information on the number of people on the property, the number of arrivals and departures per room or guest, the number of occupied rooms, etc., it is easier to plan daily activities such as preparing the area and fast, creating a room cleaning schedule and more.

Reservation modification – data is saved 🔒

You have probably already encountered this situation:

You have received a reservation from the OTA channel in Rentlio.

You have issued a deposit invoice and added a note on the reservation.

The guest on the OTA channel changes (modifies) the reservation, and the channel sends a new reservation to Rentlio.

The initial reservation in Rentlio has been cancelled, and only the newly arrived reservation is visible on the calendar.

The deposit invoice and the note are only on the initial (cancelled) reservation, not on the new one, which can cause a mistake in issuing an invoice that has already been issued.

We have long been looking for an effective way to tackle this technically demanding problem. Now we are happy to announce how our development team has found a solution!

From the first next modification of the reservation, you do not need to worry that the data will “disappear”. All notes and invoices on the initial reservation will be transferred to the new modified reservation. Such documents will be highlighted to easily distinguish “past” data from data issued through a new reservation.

We are sure that these updates will make your work easier, and if you have a proposal that is not on the list, write to us 📬

Rentlio team wishes you a happy and successful season!

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Franko is Rentlio’s Product Manager. Besides supporting Rentlio customers, he is supporting Hajduk soccer team (whenever they play). Seeking happiness and inspiring people to break down their barriers is his fuel for life.