Importance of Micro-Moments

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Google introduced the term of micro-moments back in 2015.

Micro-moments occur when reflexively looking at the device – mostly a smartphone – in response to the need to learn, act, discover, watch or buy something.

In hospitality and travel, micro-moments refer to the use of the smartphone when planning a trip. Planning thus takes place over shorter periods, on several occasions, and results in a certain number of purchases or reservations.

Micro-moments define everyday life, the way one travels, chooses accommodation and travel destination.

By accurately recognizing these tiny but crucial moments of travel planning, you will get closer to your potential guests.

Decisive Travel Moments

Google divides micro-moments into four categories that match the process resulting in travel and accommodation selection. They refer to the phase of daydreaming about the trip, the phase of more concrete planning, the booking phase, and the final phase – experience.

Dreaming Phase

During the daydreaming phase, individuals explore possibilities, seek inspiration without firmly defined plans. At this phase, only the desire to travel is present.

All possibilities are open.

Photo by Nejc Soklič on Unsplash

This phase is your opportunity to inspire future guests. Provide individuals with visual content for moments that will inspire them to select precisely your destination and then accommodation by appearing during their research. Share information about what awaits them when they arrive, including activities they can experience along the way.

At this stage of the decision-making process, individuals want content that narrows their choices.

67% of travelers opt for accommodation that provides relevant information about the destination that intrigued them 🤓

Planning Phase

Once the destination is selected, it is time for a detailed plan.

Individuals look for the time that suits them, available accommodation and inspiration for additional activities and attractions. They search prices, accommodation reviews, photos and other visual content.

Guests are searching for “hotel in [destination]” or “car rental in [destination]”.

Keep in mind that more than 70% of this search is done using smartphones, and be sure to use the location uniqueness to appear as one of the options.

Booking Phase

Individuals are ready to book.

At this stage, selection has narrowed, and the priorities have been defined.

The expected increase in the number of mobile reservations this year is 60%.

Provide guests with a simple mobile booking process.

Encourage the mobile booking process with additional information, more flexible cancellation terms and the best price guarantee. Remove unnecessary steps and refresh the look & feel of your booking process.

Rentlio Booking Engine is responsive & mobile-ready, which will keep your booking process accessible. With its Google Tag Manager’s integration, you will efficiently conduct an advanced analysis of all the booking process steps.

A shorter booking process including valuable information will improve your chances of direct booking 🙌

Experience Phase

The experience phase refers to the journey in progress when guests and travelers are ready for new experiences that have been only planned so far.

Travelers are increasingly relying on mobile phones when traveling – therefore, be present and provide guests with content that will help make the most out of their stay.

Most travelers visit destinations they have never been to before. 53% of them say they chose the destination because they want to see new places. So don’t forget the information for first-time visitors. This is an ideal opportunity to take advantage of the location familiarity and provide guests with helpful information they are looking for.

Photo by Farshad Rezvanian on Unsplash

Potential of Micro-Moments

As mobile devices’ importance in travel planning grows, so does the importance of micro-moments in the sales strategies of hotels, apartments, hostels, or campsites.

Analyze the most common searches during each of the before-mentioned phases and define your own business’s most relevant ones. Think about which platforms travelers use when making decisions, including YouTube and hotel ads.

Take advantage of those that suit your business and your type of accommodation.

Are you present when searching for video content related to your apartment, hotel, hostel, or camp location?

Evaluate the content you share with your guests.

When you look at the content you currently provide, does it address guests’ inquiries and answer their questions at critical moments of the decision?

Identify the needs and interests of potential guests.

Are there any unanswered questions you can answer? What is the situation of your potential guests, and how can you help?

By providing the correct information at the right time, you provide the guests with value even before their stay. For the guest to stay in your accommodation, dedicate yourself to being present and valid in the relevant micro-moments during the travel decision-making process. Don’t forget – on all types of devices 😇

Micro-Moments = Significant Impact

Before investing in travel, individuals need time to explore all possibilities. 40% of travelers said they vary between the daydreaming and planning phases before making a final decision – which only adds importance to the actions you can take during those phases.

There are 1,440 minutes in a day during which countless micro-moments occur. 1,440 minutes full of opportunities to redirect potential guests to your accommodation. Smartphones have changed the way guests explore, plan and shop. But through research and analysis, each of these moments will be at your disposal to take advantage of.

How do you plan to take advantage of small moments of great importance? Leave a comment below so we can discuss it with you 😊

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