How to Highlight Your Offer from the Rest of the Hospitality Market?

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Differentiating your offer from the rest of the highly competitive competition is a task that requires the full attention of any hotelier or vacation rental. It is even more prominent in this period of various challenges directly affecting hospitality.

According to Expedia, a significant percentage of guests confirmed that accommodation providers should do more to highlight their offer.

What brings us to the topic: what to do to differentiate your offer from the rest of the market?

Priorities first

The same rules always apply.

All decisions should ideally be made after quality research, relevant data, and a performance plan 📊


Try to avoid uninspiring experiences for your guests. Such a holiday will be forgotten, even before check-out.

While personalization can mean anything to anyone, it is essential to understand two aspects; aspect of technology and an aspect of close contact.

Although there may be room for doubt, tech solutions will play an essential role in introducing a personalized offer, be it an apartment, hostel, hotel, or campground. The quality PMS and a channel manager will benefit the service, primarily because the staff cannot do a hundred things simultaneously.

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As mentioned, the importance of close contact in hospitality should by no means be left out, regardless of the effectiveness of digital solutions. The staff has a critical role in the so-called inclusive guest experiences.

If you are limited by income, consider creative ways that still allow you to surprise your guest with a customized offer. For example, personalized itineraries and recommendations can easily be templates and quickly sent by email templates or other communication channels.

Marketing: The Key to Set You Apart

Separating your offer from the rest of the market will be difficult without marketing.

For starters, please look at the text where we wrote about common mistakes that may be creeping up on you right now 👀


There is no doubt that people will continue to search the internet regardless of the crisis, searching for new travel inspiration.

Keywords are key 🔑

Evaluate which keywords are relevant to your destination and offer to attract as many visitors to your website as possible. You can do the same by posting helpful content and blogs to inspire website visitors further and become more relevant when searching. Quality content will encourage direct bookings but also additional revenue by offering different activities, for example.


Google also values quality websites, especially mobile-friendly ones.

Social media

Last but not least, social media will further allow you to reach potential guests.

Don’t Forget Your Old Guests

Be one step ahead when it comes to guests who have already stayed with you. Ensure you cover everything necessary, from email contact, preferences during the stay, and any reported shortcomings.

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Evaluate, Prioritize, and Stand Out

How to differentiate from the rest of the hospitality market and perform better simultaneously?

Today, travellers are looking for unusual places off the radar, with more originality and special offers. With the rise of this type of accommodation, the competition is more challenging than ever, and at the same time, it isn’t easy to stand out.

By combining personalization and authentic experiences, marketing strategies and adapting to pandemic rules – you can differentiate your offer 💪

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