How Hotel Bevanda Increased the Number of Direct Hotel Bookings by 15%

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Tradition, quality and authenticity best describe Hotel Bevanda. This hotel is located in a great spot in Opatija, just by the sea. It has modern decor, impressive rooms, and a well-known restaurant.

With more than 50 years of tradition, Hotel Bevanda is the first boutique hotel in the northern Adriatic with a prestigious 5-star rating.

Old hotel systems made it hard to meet guests’ needs quickly. Find out more about the hotel Bevanda results in just a year after the Rentlio Pro hotel system implementation.

Automation, Revenue Impact and Guest Experience

Human error, repetitive tasks and losing potential income are challenges that the Bevanda Hotel staff faced daily. During this period, the front desk staff used as many as two hotel management systems. It is questionable how much it actually helped automate operations, ease reservation management, and improve guests’ experience.

However, neither hotel management system adequately solved overbooking or increased direct hotel bookings. Also, booking synchronization and modifications presented a particular problem.

Additionally, the specific guest profile dictates Hotel Bevanda’s operational processes. Most of their guests travel for business, often requesting separate payments. To do a simple thing, the hotel staff had to cancel an invoice at the restaurant’s cash register.

The same invoice could then be re-typed and assigned to the guest’s room. While the hotel staff performed this task, the guest was forced to wait, which often caused nervousness.

Such situations were standard up until Rentlio Pro implementation. Hotel Bevanda picked Rentlio Pro, a 3in1 hotel management system, based on a recommendation from a colleague in the industry.

How Hotel Bevanda Increased the Number of Direct Hotel Bookings by 15% With Rentlio Pro

The Rentlio Pro hotel property management system is for hoteliers who want to simplify operational processes and earn more. With an integrated hotel channel manager and booking engine, hoteliers have seamlessly connected tools. Seamlessly integrated tools make reservation, distribution and rate management easier.

I must highlight and praise the Rentlio Customer Support team. Support agents answer all our inquiries quickly and easily solve any complications.” Ana Cvitkušić, hotel manager, Hotel Bevanda.

Ana Cvitkušić, hotel manager, shared concrete advantages after the implementation of Rentlio Pro, the hotel operating system for the Bevanda Hotel.

Eliminating overbooking

Overbooking has no place in the hotel.

Introducing an integrated hotel channel manager eliminates the possibility of overbooking and overlapped reservations. At the same time, Hotel Bevanda optimizes sales activities, revenue management and booking strategy. Implementing the Rentlio Pro hotel PMS replaced all the previously used hotel reservation systems.

Before Rentlio Pro, staff wrote down reservation details like date, rates, room type, guest info, and contact info. After that, all data was manually (again) entered into another system.

The most significant time savings were achieved in managing reservations. Also, eliminating the possibility of human error is essential for independent hotels like Hotel Bevanda.

Reservation process optimization

Also, a significant change took place in the booking process.

Hotel Bevanda confirmed direct hotel bookings using standard forms. The guests would fill out forms, while the credit card information provided guaranteed the stay and confirmed the reservation. This direct booking process often resulted in losing bookings in favour of OTA booking portals. And no hotel wants to drive direct bookings to OTAs.

The Bevanda Hotel got more bookings after using Rentlio Pro and its Booking Engine. Direct reservations went up by 15%. Booking decisions now are made on the hotel’s website.

Hotel manager Ana Cvitkušić emphasized the significant acceleration of reservation management. According to previous experience using the Rentlio Pro, hotel staff now saves up to 5 minutes per booking.

Positive Impact on the guest experience

Specific guest requirements primarily dictate Hotel Bevanda’s processes, as with any hotel whose operations reflect their guests.

Hotel Bevanda’s guest profile primarily comprises business people who choose this hotel during business trips. For such guests, the possibility of distributing entities and costs using folios has proven to be particularly valuable.

The flexible possibilities of hotel folios within the Rentlio Pro speed up the work of the hotel staff. On the other hand, they also positively impact guest satisfaction by shortening the waiting time.

Tangible results one year after the Rentlio Pro hotel system implementation at the Hotel Bevanda.

Advantages of Implementing a Modern Cloud-based Hotel PMS

The Bevanda Hotel began digitally transforming its operations and business processes by implementing a cloud-based hotel management system. The hotel staff is more content with Rentlio Pro hotel PMS. It simplifies processes and eliminates manual work that is not needed. This makes their work more accessible and efficient.

‘’Rentlio Pro is a simple cloud-based PMS with a direct, intuitive user interface that naturally guides the user. Our staff started using Rentlio Pro completely independently in record amount of time.’’, Ana Cvitkušić, hotel manager, Hotel Bevanda.

With Integrated and fully connected features, such as a hotel channel manager and hotel booking engine, Rentlio Pro is a hotel software for busy staff who want to spend more time with guests and less time on screens.

Today’s challenges in the hotel industry include the workforce shortage and increasing guests’ expectations for seamless, connected experiences. The hotel and hospitality industries are among the least digitized industries today.

But, with examples like Hotel Bevanda, that’s changing rapidly. Hotel Bevanda is one of the leaders in implementing new trends and first-class experiences for all potential guests. Also, working in connected and intuitive hotel management systems speeds up work in situations lacking workforce and staff.

Do you constantly face the same challenges and obstacles managing your hotel? Is your hotel PMS lacking operational automation and flexibility? Do you have adequate tools for successful rate and reservation management?

Schedule a meeting today to learn more about the advantages of Rentlio Pro, a complete cloud-based hotel management system.

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