Our story

2014 - present
Foto: Jure Mišković, Cropix

As a student, our founder Marko found his place in the finance industry and landed his first job as a stock market analyst. He got the job by developing software based on Excel automation that helped effectively analyze large series of data. Marko didn’t know that this wouldn’t be the last time he would be solving real problems with the right pieces of code.


At that time, in 2011. he invested in a small family hospitality business project. Although he knew it wouldn’t be an easy job, he discovered how hard it was for property owners to manage their reservations and online presence. He searched the market for the best technologies available and came back disappointed. So he built an early prototype of Rentlio by himself.

In 2014. Marko finally left his corporate job, returned to his hometown Zadar with his family, and founded Rentlio. Together with Ivan Padavić – Rentlio’s CTO since day one – a first version of Rentlio was launched in February 2015.


Today, Rentlio is a globally recognized property management and channel management system for small hotels, hostels, vacation rentals, and property managers with users in more than 40 countries. Although we’re developing Rentlio today to save you from endless spreadsheets, it all actually started with one!

Foto: Jure Mišković, Cropix
April 2014
The idea of Rentlio is born

Marko and Ivan are writing the first lines of Rentlio code. We didn’t start from a garage, but we weren’t far from it. ?

We are all in this together


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We're looking for independent, entrepreneurial, open to ideas and ferociously talented individuals who love a good challenge and get sh*t done.