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Facebook is an excellent channel for attracting new guests, achieving more direct reservations, maintaining a quality relationship with guests. According to recent research, Facebook is the primary communication and advertising channel for most small and medium businesses.

Thanks to an impressive number of users, the world’s largest social media platform have developed several useful tools and features that aid the reach of the audience/guests in creative and specific ways.

You do have Facebook; how about a Facebook strategy?

In general, few do not use Facebook.

Equally, in general, there are not many who use it optimally.

Since Facebook is so popular and has so many different content options (text, photos, video, etc.), it is the first social network that many turn to when planning a trip.

According to Skift, Facebook is by far the most used social platform for inspiration and travel planning – it is used by about 39% of respondents, compared to 33% for Instagram, 18% for Twitter and 14% for Snapchat.

Defining a Facebook strategy will reduce costs, increase the return on investment in ads, and make more direct bookings. Facebook marketing is a dynamic process that is constantly changing; check the secrets of the Facebook algorithm first.

Something For Everyone – Content

The content you post is crucial.

A Facebook strategy based on organic reach (unpaid) is just as important as the one you pay. Sharing quality, unique and authentic content is equally essential, whether you are paying it or not.

Video is always a good idea.

Facebook users are greedy when it comes to video content, and as soon as users like something – the algorithm likes it. Live video content also ranks higher when viewing a feed, giving it more reach than a typical video post.

The video is an impressive and creative format that provokes reactions. By embracing this format, you have a unique opportunity to expand your brand awareness and drive conversions.

Sharing user-generated content is an even better idea.

With prior permission and accreditation of course ✌️

By posting content that your guests share, you will achieve more attractive goals at once.

Guests like to be recognized and featured on hoteliers and vacation rentals Facebook pages, and potential guests want proof of what you offer.

Do It Yourself Marketing

Facebook Ads is one of the most used social media tools.

Facebook has a unique combination of reach and targeting primarily due to the massive number of users.

Facebook is a unique blend; it combines the reach of mass media, such as television, with digital channel targeting options.

Understanding your audience is the first step towards optimal Facebook advertising results. The second is to use the available tools, track analytics, and customize your content. Seemingly complicated, but if you are willing to take the time and put in the extra effort, you can do all this independently with minimal investment.

This apartment rental company increased the reach by 12% and increased the conversion rate by almost three times – using the Facebook Ads tool.

Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel will allow you to track visits, direct bookings and other relevant actions on your website. It will enable you to use ads more accurately.

A pixel is a small piece of code installed on your website that allows you to associate Facebook activity with the behaviour of users/guests on your website.

Ad optimization

Facebook Pixel provides insight into user behaviour, so you can target (and retarget) users who have taken specific actions on your website.

With Pixel, you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing moves accurately.

Reduced costs

Using Facebook Pixel, you can focus your budget solely on the actions that are most likely to be taken, such as booking.


The Pixel tracks events and conversions on your website after interacting through a Facebook ad or published content. With such insights, you will be able to refine your marketing strategy further.

Facebook Pixel is easy to integrate on Rentlio Booking Engine 💪

Better Service – With Facebook

It seems a bit strained – raising the service quality with Facebook?

However, using Facebook Messenger – one of the world’s most used communication applications, will simplify communication, introduce a dimension of innovation in your business and offer.

Today, it is expected to use various applications for a chat or messaging, such as the Messenger above or WhatsApp, so that the user or guest, in this case, will immediately receive the requested answers. Using automated communication tools will significantly prevent waiting for a service or support. We know how easy it is to interrupt the booking confirmation process if a delay occurs. 👀

Hyatt, for example, is already experimenting with Messenger to help guests with everything from reservations to customer service.

You can easily set up Facebook Messenger on your Rentlio Booking Engine and resolve any guests’ doubts quickly and efficiently.

All of the above is under the same denominator, and that is smartphone use.

We spend more time than ever on our phones which has also affected how we shop, plan our trips and book. Therefore, it is crucial to provide mobile experiences that are simple, intuitive and uninterrupted. You can find more smart moves that you can make using smartphones here.

All interactions with guests should be as simple as possible to manage and confirm the reservation easily.

Try Rentlio to see how easy it is to provide potential guests with a flawless booking experience on all possible devices and have complete control over your business no matter where you are.

If it’s not on Facebook, did it even happen?

Optimized Facebook and posting relevant content combined with advertising tools can bring you more direct bookings.

Facebook is not just a marketing channel; it is a unique tool that can help you introduce yourself to potential guests and attract new ones.

Guest expectations will continue to change even after the pandemic, so everyone who is part of the hospitality offer will have to adjust their advertising strategies to connect with travellers and guests appropriately. Facebook is one of those ways.

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