8 Advanced Features of Cloud-Based Hotel PMS

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Hoteliers recognize a hotel Property Management System (PMS) as a cornerstone tool in their business operations. The impact of quality cloud-based property management software is substantial—simplifying daily hotel operations, enhancing efficiency, and crucially, contributing to increased profitability. Conversely, a subpar or outdated hotel PMS can significantly impede various aspects of operations, ranging from reservation management and front desk tasks to maintenance.

This article will explore the indispensable functionalities that every hotelier should prioritize when selecting hotel PMS software.

Decoding the Hotel Property Management System

A Hotel Property Management System (Hotel PMS) stands as a pivotal software solution in the dynamic hospitality industry. Specifically designed to efficiently control, organize, and execute all hotel operations and day-to-day activities, the PMS system serves as a central operational hub. It empowers hotel staff to handle various tasks, including reservation management, guest check-ins and check-outs, guest information tracking, pre- and post-stay services, housekeeping, availability monitoring, rates, distribution across various booking channels, reports, analytics, and other critical aspects of hotel operations.

Features of a Cutting-edge Cloud-Based Hotel Property Management System

As hoteliers increasingly turn to advanced technologies to optimize their operations and elevate the guest experience, the cloud-based Hotel Property Management System (PMS) emerges as a transformative innovation. This system endows hotels with the ability to optimize operations in ways that were previously unimaginable.

Interactive Dashboard 

At the heart of the hotel Property Management System lies its dashboard, the interface serving as the command center for managing all aspects of hotel operations. This dashboard equips hotel staff with quick and efficient insights into various critical pieces of information.

The dashboard performs several essential functions:

  • Real-time monitoring of guest arrivals and departures.
  • Simplification of tracking financial transactions and reservation payments for effective management of hotel capacities and revenue.
  • Swift and efficient checking of room statuses, whether they are available for cleaning, in preparation, or ready for new guests.
  • Provision of information on various sales channels, empowering hotel staff to optimize sales strategy and room occupancy.
  • Streamlining of reservation handling quick access to guest information and their reservations, essential for delivering personalized service.
The Hotel Property Management System’s dashboard emerges as an indispensable feature, empowering managers to navigate all hotel operations successfully.

In essence, the hotel Property Management System’s dashboard emerges as an indispensable feature, empowering hotel managers and staff with the necessary information to successfully navigate all hotel operations.

Hotel Channel Manager: Orchestrating Online Visibility

The Hotel Channel Manager connects the property with OTA channels and increases the hotel’s online visibility. Integrated seamlessly with the hotel Property Management System, this tool provides complete control and eliminates the risk of overbooking.

Key functionalities of the Hotel Channel Manager include:

  • Direct synch of availability and pricing within the hotel PMS.
  • Automatic updates of changes across all online booking channels in real-time.
  • Instant display of new online reservations in the hotel PMS, allowing continuous monitoring of occupancy and swift responses.
Rentlio Channel Manager

Choosing the right hotel Channel Manager fully integrated with a cloud-based Hotel Property Management System. This integration facilitates price, reservation, and restriction synchronization, allowing the creation of different price lists for various channels and supporting over 100 online booking and sales channels, thereby streamlining hotel sales management.

Calendar Control: Insight into Reservations and Accommodation Capacities

The central calendar within the Rentlio Pro PMS system provides indispensable control over all reservations, be they individual or group bookings. 

This comprehensive feature ensures a complete overview, allowing hoteliers to:

  • Easily adjust prices individually and collectively.
  • Manage availability and set restrictions seamlessly with just a few clicks.
  • Create multiple price lists to tailor offers to different market segments.

The calendar serves as an essential feature and advantage for every hotelier, offering visualized reservations for precise management of accommodation units and rooms. Beyond providing a better overview of reservations and occupancy, the calendar incorporates vital information about room status, housekeeping, guest arrivals and departures, and reservation payments. Its seamless integration with the Hotel Channel Manager eliminates the risk of double bookings on different online distribution channels, simplifying reservation management and aiding business optimization.

In essence, the calendar proves to be a critical feature for any hotelier aiming to increase occupancy and efficiently manage hotel operations.

Housekeeping Harmony: Automation for Efficiency

Efficient housekeeping is imperative for hotels of all sizes. Automation of administrative tasks and increased efficiency are paramount goals, and Rentlio PMS excels in this regard. It allows for the easy assignment of cleaning statuses for specific rooms, with prompt updates of room statuses upon completion of cleaning.

The Housekeeping feature further accelerates communication with the maintenance and cleaning team, ensuring that rooms are consistently ready for guest arrivals. What sets Rentlio apart is the accessibility of the Housekeeping functionality through the Rentlio mobile app, enabling the maintenance and cleaning team to change room statuses on the go. This efficient approach instills confidence that every accommodation unit is in perfect condition for incoming guests.

Payment Precision: Streamlining Financial Transactions

Payments constitute one of the most crucial aspects of hotel operations, with direct implications on the hotel’s reputation and guest experiences. A quality cloud-based Hotel Property Management System represents an integrated platform that simplifies and consolidates hotel operations, including payment information.

This system delivers:

  • A comprehensive view and efficient management of guest expenditures during their stay.
  • The flexibility to add services, charges, and off-property spending.
  • Automation of processes, such as associating restaurant services with accommodation reservations.

Moreover, it provides a clear overview of all open and closed accounts, tracking exact amounts and facilitating payment management and invoicing. Integrating all these features in one place makes the payment and accounting process significantly more efficient, eliminating errors and contributing to a better guest experience. This approach also frees up staff from administrative burdens.

Business Reports: Elevating Insights for Strategic Decisions

Reports stand as a vital component of any property management system, offering invaluable insights for elevating the hotel business. Cloud-native hotel PMS allows easy access to reports from anywhere, facilitating real-time business decisions without the need for complex Excel spreadsheet analysis.

Rentlio Pro goes a step further by offering various business reports and detailed sales statistics by markets and distribution channels. This abundance of data allows hoteliers to make informed adjustments to sales and marketing strategies, driving business growth.

Hotel Booking Engine: Navigating Direct Bookings

Choosing suitable hotel property management system is a crucial step in increasing revenue and reducing commissions. Direct bookings often represent the most valuable income source, making it essential for PMS software to include an integrated hotel Booking Engine.

An integrated Booking Engine offers several advantages:

  • Increased number of direct reservations.
  • Savings on commissions payable to OTA channels.
  • Easy comparison of prices, date searches, and selection of offers by website visitors.

Rentlio Pro, with its included Booking Engine solution, brings numerous benefits, including 0% commission fees, synchronization with calendars and OTA channels, support for multiple languages and payment currencies, and a straightforward setup with a modern design. This streamlined approach ensures that hotels generate more revenue through their websites in a fast, easy, and secure manner.

Guest Data: Elevating Engagement Through Insights

Selecting the right hotel property management system with a guest data management module can save time and increase business efficiency. Key features include guest profiles, acting as a CRM system for storing guest information and their engagement.

Effective communication with guests is crucial for delivering quality experiences. Rentlio Pro’s predefined email templates facilitate communication with guests from the moment of reservation to check-out and even after guests leave the hotel. Automating this process enables hoteliers to provide a high-quality guest experience and generate additional revenue by offering extra services. Therefore, a solution that provides messaging functionality and upselling opportunities is essential.

Why Opt for Rentlio Pro?

Selecting the right hotel property management system involves considering several key factors to make informed decisions. Rentlio Pro emerges as a sophisticated solution offering numerous advantages for hoteliers. Rentlio Pro, as an advanced cloud-based PMS, encompasses all critical components and functionalities for efficient hotel and property management. These include reservations, pricing, availability, reporting, and analytics. 

We recommend requesting a meeting for a comprehensive understanding of how Rentlio Pro can transform your business. This allows exploration of all the benefits of Rentlio Pro PMS and provides insights into how your hotel business can be enhanced. Contact Us today to find out more about Rentlio Pro. 

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