When is the Right Time to Change Your PMS and Channel Manager?

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And why do we believe it is right now?

According to McKinsey’s data, 5 years of business digitization progress has been achieved in just 8 weeks of the pandemic.

The comprehensive report also addresses how and why end-users, in this case, guests, will increasingly expect digital solutions.

The market has changed, and there are more solutions than ever before, and it’s time to take advantage of them.

The right time to change the PMS and channel manager is …

… when you want to be more efficient.

Easier, if the PMS and channel manager system you are currently using does not make your working hours easier – it does not do its job.

Solutions are defined by people who use them regularly.

If you have so far encountered situations in which your employees, or yourself, have expressed dissatisfaction with the implemented solution – it is time to think more effectively.

As technology advances irreversibly, so make accommodation providers’ demands on systems that enable the efficient business.

The needs of the average renter and hotelier are not at the levels of those 5, especially more years ago – if we do not even mention the circumstances caused by the pandemic. However, not every PMS and channel manager system has been adequately adapted.

Automation of marketing activities, integrated booking engine, flexible management of prices, and sales channels are basic tasks for a quality PMS and channel manager system.

The mobile app is just one of the solutions that we at Rentlio have improved for our customers during the challenging 2020.

Through an interview with Ms. Patricija Stipčević, owner of the apartment Lavandula from Zadar, we learned that she is primarily satisfied with the registration of guests in the e-Visitor system directly through Rentlio, as well as email templates that help her to easily confirm reservations, check-in and thank the guest after check-out.

Available quality and more flexible solutions will put you in a situation where you wonder why you did not change earlier and save valuable time. In the end, quality and reliable PMS and channel manager will prove necessary to provide optimal service to your guests and increase revenue.

… when you want a better level of service.

Technology and digital solutions are a painless way to continue where you left off before a pandemic.

Using PMS and channel manager system, you realize the added value of your accommodation.

The state of reservations, the danger of overbooking, and the adjustment of prices available on the various channels through which you achieve occupancy ensure better service for your guests and generate additional income for you, not to mention the already mentioned time savings.

“We were looking for solutions that would save us time in the first place. We looked at connecting all hotel activities through one software because we have many sales channels, even as a small hotel. Previously, we would have to manually close 9 to 11 sales channels while a reservation arrived through one channel. Through Rentlio, we close everything with one click and thus prevent overbooking. The software we used before was complicated and then did not have the ability to connect to the channel manager. With Rentlio, we have gained simplicity and mobility thanks to the mobile application, so we are always up to date with everything that happens in the hotel, even if we are away. The connection between the channels and the ease of changing price details, the number of room sales and simplicity are the biggest advantages of Rentlio. ”, front office manager of the Marul Hotel from Split, Josip Pribilović, stated during a conversation that you can read here.

Implementing a new technological solution such as introducing a new PMS system and channel manager is a comprehensive and, often, complicated process. However, if you choose a partner who has proven in his history willing to deal with the individual problems and requirements of each user, as well as offer an individualized solution, the implementation should not be a more serious complication.

Also, “big players” are not always the best solution. Smaller companies will often implement new solutions faster without the burden of administration, and the communication you will achieve with them is more personal. Honest and cordial communication is just one of the goals we strive for at Rentlio, but don’t take our word for it.

Feel free to read one of our articles with some of our users like this with Josip and see for yourself 😉

Photo by Headway on Unsplash

… when you want to reduce unnecessary costs.

Costs are always a good reason why you should consider a change.

In short, server-based systems require more customizations and updates at a higher cost. On the other hand, cloud-based systems are more adaptable, require less adaptation, and are easily adapted to an individual object’s specifics.


When talking about changing PMS and channel manager, we advise you to analyze at least a few options, be aware of your needs, and if you find a provider that suits you – do not hesitate.

Habit is a nasty thing that is extremely difficult to change, just as difficult as changing the PMS and channel manager you use. Communicate with the service provider, ask what you want and be sure how each button works, but at the same time, know that implementing a new system means a new way of doing business that you will not regret and that you will also get used to.

Because recovery is digital, and that’s why we believe right now is the best time to change PMS and channel manager.

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