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During the last year, we witnessed how quickly the situation can change. Despite all the ups and downs, we managed to stay on the course.

We doubled the number of team members and valuable features that make Rentlio even better. 💪

Rentlio Pro

It’s no secret that many hoteliers have been satisfied with Rentlio for years.

That is one of the reasons why, at the first edition of Rediscover, a hotel-tech networking event organized by Rentlio, we gathered the leaders of the Croatian hotel industry to analyze pressing problems and the role of new technologies in the future of hotel operations.

The joy culminated after launching the new professional’s favorite – Rentlio Pro.

The new Rentlio solution was presented by the head of the company, Marko Mišulić: ”Outdated operating technology that still prevails in hotels cannot meet the needs of today’s digital guests. We saw this as our opportunity and developed Rentlio Pro – a hotel operating system built on the latest technologies.”

Old-fashioned on-premise property management systems have wrapped deep in hospitality pores. With their known limitations, they stifle proactivity and do not inspire confidence for the future.

On this occasion, I would like to thank all the outstanding hotel employees whose expertise and knowledge helped us create this indispensable hotel tool and solution.

Housekeeping 🧹

Your cleaning team needs Rentlio, too. Speed up team communication by managing room cleanliness and maintenance. If room preparation and cleanliness fail, everything previously well-done won’t matter. The guest experience is disturbed.

The question arises, how to maintain quality by not burdening the budget? This feature will simplify the answer to that question.

Each unit type now contains a cleaning status, so your guest doesn’t enter a room that isn’t ready. Cleanliness status can be edited via the calendar.

The unit may also contain maintenance status. Unlike the cleanliness status, which refers to the current state of the unit, the maintenance status is date-related, affecting availability and statistics. It is no longer necessary to enter classic reservations when you want to mark that the room is out of use and on sale. 🤩

Check the flow here 📍

Maintenance statuses:

Out of service – available for a reservation / does not reduce availability / does not reduce the total number of unit types in statistics.

Out of order – unavailable for a reservation / reduces availability / does not reduce the total number of unit types in the statistics.

Out of inventory – unavailable for a reservation / reduces availability / reduces the total number of unit types in the statistics.

This feature is also available on the Rentlio mobile application, which is undoubtedly a bonus, through which your cleaning team will change the cleanliness status on the fly.

Learn more here 🎯

Bulk editing 🖇️

Adjusting prices and availability to market conditions is a challenging task. In essence, success depends on this game of numbers.

Defining the price strategy must be correctly applied to all rate plans and sales channels & OTAs. This second part causes trouble for many vacation rentals, property managers, and hoteliers.

If you need to spend half an hour to change seasonal prices and even more to check everything, it is clear why many become inert to regular rate management. This inertia leads to a situation where you try to rescue what you can at the last minute, manually doing hundreds of the same actions. Of course, this leads to errors and wrong entries.

The consequences of the above are:

Reservations with an average price lower than wanted;

Rooms that could have been filled but were not;

Forced upgrades due to internal errors.

What exactly does bulk editing allow you to do?

Entering availability for several unit types at once;

Updating prices for multiple rate plans and unit types at once;

Setting restrictions for several rate plans and unit types at once;

All of the above – at once.

Until now, to increase prices of 5 unit types with 3 rate plans, you had to re-enter the values 15 times. Now you can do it all at once, in a few seconds – check the flow here 🧙

In addition to increasing and decreasing availability, you can now reset it too. With this action, you set the availability to initial, according to the current state of available units. Try it out and let us know your impressions!

If you want to leave rate management to smart algorithms, we remind you of integration with PriceLabs.

Selecting the rate plan when entering the reservation 🗒️

You manually entered each reservation according to the standard price list. These problems are a part of the past. With each new reservation, you can now choose the rate plan you want to create a reservation with.

For example, assign the reservation to the breakfast-included pricing if the guest wants breakfast. If the guest wants to go cheaper without a refund, assign the reservation to the non-refundable pricing.

Depending on the selected rate plan, the reservation price is automatically adjusted according to the price list from the calendar.

Check how here 🧙

Scan documents with a web camera 🤳& 📷

There are two ways you can scan guest documents as part of the check-in procedure. In addition to scanning using a mobile phone on the move, you can now scan documents much more discretely via any external webcam.

We advise using cameras facing the reception desk, where you just lay the document on the desk. These often have a very positive effect on the guest, see for yourself 👀

Special offer ✨

Promote a specific rate plan on your Rentlio Booking Engine and motivate guests to choose that particular one.

An important note – always visible at the top of the search, will provide the guest with crucial information at the start.

Rentlio Booking Engine – Special Offer

New integrations 🔗

Specialized integrations for payments, accounting, restaurant, housekeeping, and online check-in are already connected to Rentlio, with the whole list available here.

Flexkeeping and Sweeply are two intuitive and flexible housekeeping integrations in addition to the functionality already available in Rentlio, which we mentioned earlier. The remaining integrations are Hoteza and Duve, which enable online check-in & upsell.

Hard work pays off 😊

At the end of the year, we made additional efforts to make the transition of the entire infrastructure to EURO as painless as possible for our users in Croatia. While most other applications and systems were unavailable for several days, Rentlio was at disposal every second.

Many of you recognized our work and chose Rentlio as the “core technology” of your business. Thank you for that, rest assured we won’t let you down.

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Franko is Rentlio’s Product Manager. Besides supporting Rentlio customers, he is supporting Hajduk soccer team (whenever they play). Seeking happiness and inspiring people to break down their barriers is his fuel for life.