Offering a Seamless Guest Journey at your Hotel

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This article celebrates the launch of a new partnership between hotel experiences platform Turneo and Rentlio. Through the new integration, hotels are able to offer personalized, tracked, and bookable recommendations of local experiences and in-house activities – all as part of a seamless guest journey.

5 key ways that the integration helps your hotel business

Lower cancellation rates

Through automated pre-stay emails, hotels can provide timely inspiration to their future guests, and give them a convenient, trusted platform for booking things to do before they sell out. Data shows that guests are less likely to cancel their hotel reservations once they’ve also started planning other aspects of their trip – in particular the activities they’ll do once they arrive. Often hotels already offer a ton of these activities: whether it’s dining, spa, beach facilities or local excursions, but with the rise of online, in-advance bookings it’s increasingly important that guests know about – and can book – these things before they check in.

A route to establishing trust and loyalty

Once a guest has booked with your hotel, communications are critical to shaping the impression they have of you, and how they start planning their trip. We know that guests typically see their hotel as a trusted source of information, oftentimes their only established point of contact in a new destination. This integration equips hotels to make the most of their communications to build an early rapport with guests, and establish themselves as the central point of contact for their upcoming trip.

The data to better understand your guests

Everything now is about knowing your guests better – so that you can run more targeted campaigns, better personalize your services, and ultimately so you can win in today’s competitive market. Through this integration, hotels gain valuable data that offers a deeper understanding of guest preferences – now hotels know not just who is traveling and how long for, but why they are coming and what they are most interested in doing during their stay. 

The ultimate personalized touch

Once you understand your guests better, you need to be able to act on those insights. Historically hotels would be limited in their degree of personalization – it boiled down to which guests could be upsold to suites, and who might move from bed and breakfast to also ordering dinner. Through experiences the possibilities are endless: you can offer waterpark tickets and creche facilities to the family staying for one week, and at the same time sell a weekend solo traveler on the local excursion day-trip. We give hotels so many more ways to be relevant to their guests – which in turn boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Happier guests, and higher revenues

What you end up with is a win-win. Guests get better service, and overall enjoy their trip more. Hotels see higher revenues per room and reap the rewards of happier guests, more recommendations, and overall more demand. It’s amazing seeing how transformative it can be to the hotel business.

With the summer season fast approaching, the partnership is well timed – you can sign up today, and be live with automated communications and bookable experiences before Easter.

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