March Product Updates

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This time last year, the world was brutally introduced to a plague called the coronavirus. Borders were closed, strict measures were introduced, and carefree travel  fell into the background. Instead of sea waves, epidemic waves hit us. 🌊

Now the situation is somewhat more favorable. Vaccines are here, airlines are slowly returning to airports, and renters are finding new ways to take advantage of the temporary lull and industrial reset. If the experience from last year guides us, we can expect most reservations at the last minute. To attract those guests planning a last-minute trip, three business segments are more important than ever. These are:

Aware of these current events, we have developed a handful of new opportunities that will facilitate the path to new guests. Check below which functionalities are released👇

Charge your direct bookings with just one click 💸

You can now charge guests who booked your property through Rentlio Booking Engine. It means you no longer need to manually rewrite guest card information to your POS device to complete a charge. Only one click is enough for the guest’s money to arrive in your bank account! To activate the payment gateway from Rentlio, you need to open an account with the Monri or Stripe payment provider. Once you’ve done that, you can easily activate the Rentlio <> Monri/Stripe integration in your Rentlio Booking Engine settings by following these instructions. That’s it! 🤩

Facebook messenger on your Rentlio Booking Engine 💬

Post-covid guests want to be sure the property they’re booking takes care of cleanliness and safety. A potential guest should be at your service at the time when deciding whether to book your property. For that reason, we have enabled you to place your Facebook messenger badge on the pages of your Rentlio Booking Engine in minutes. This way, the guest visiting your website can send you a direct message you will receive in your Facebook inbox. The sooner you answer, the chances of making a direct reservation are higher. What are you waiting for? 🤷‍♀️Check here to find out how to insert Facebook messenger on your Rentlio Booking Engine easily.

Detailed cancellation policies, for all scenarios ⛑️

We have redesigned your Rentlio Booking Engine’s cancellation policy settings to give you as much freedom as possible in determining the cancellation fee & conditions. You can now define how much the guest will be charged in case of cancellation, depending on the period in which the cancellation occurs. Also, as part of the billing dynamics, you can specify when a certain booking amount will be charged. This way, when searching for your web offer, you give the guest accurate information about how much to pay and when and how much it will cost to cancel the reservation.

Understand guests’ journey with the help of analytics 📊

To increase revenue from direct bookings, any website’s key aspect is the buying journey that a guest goes through while reviewing your offer. Buying journey includes all the steps guests need to take to confirm their booking. The more beautiful, shorter, and richer the user’s path with useful information, the greater the chances of realizing the reservation. To ensure a complete insight into the efficiency of each step that the guest goes through, we took care of the integration of Rentlio and Google Tag Manager. With this integration, you can get answers to questions like:

How many visitors reached the last step but did not make a reservation?

How many visitors come to your site through a Facebook / Instagram campaign?

In what language do your visitors most often browse the website?

The answers to these and many other useful questions can indicate the real obstacles guests encounter. Based on analytical knowledge, you can make changes to increase the success of guests’ buying journey. Read here how to integrate Google Tag Manager with Rentlio.

New sales channel for all holiday homeowners! 🏡

Traumferienwohnungen is a new sales channel that you can sync with the Rentlio channel manager. This channel has proven to be extremely effective for all holiday home rentals. Although Traumferienwohnungen is strong throughout the EU, it is most known in Germany. If you think your offer is suitable for this type of advertising platform, connect Traumferienwohnungen with Rentlio easily and without additional costs by following these instructions.

Are you happy with the news? Are there any features you don’t have in Rentlio that you would like to have?

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Franko is Rentlio’s Product Manager. Besides supporting Rentlio customers, he is supporting Hajduk soccer team (whenever they play). Seeking happiness and inspiring people to break down their barriers is his fuel for life.