How We Save Time And Focus on Growth While Managing a Hotel

Iva SoldoCustomer Success
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This time we were happy to visit Kristian Auer, the hotel manager of Villa Nepos Hotels in beautiful Split.

How would you define success when it comes to the tourism industry?

I think it’s quite hard to establish yourself in an already demanding market in Split and other cities. I’m also referring to Croatia itself and the great success it had in the world market, which is mainly due to the situation in the countries that are our competitors. Croatia has made significant improvements in the last twenty years, and it looks very promising, but there is always room for progress.

We hear from our guests that we have become an expensive destination, but we know that if a guest gets value for their money, then there are no complaints. “Underpromise and overdeliver” should be the motto of everyone working in the tourism industry. The Villa Nepos Hotels became successful because we were able to accomplish high averages for the first season (2018) without a single review. We think that investing in high-end accommodation has paid off.

How has Rentlio been helping you achieve success?

Convenience, speed, intuitiveness, customer support, transparency, mobility, price, upgrades, paying attention to user feedback. Live chat works excellent in practice, and you get real-time advice and solutions. For the past two years, Rentlio has established itself as a high-quality product. Productivity has undoubtedly increased with Rentlio, and automatic guest data entry is a great example.

Which sales channels have proven to be the most successful to you, and how difficult is it to keep reservations from overlapping?

Expedia is our favorite; in our case, it is more successful than others. is not far behind. There are no direct bookings in our case, but Rentlio also covers that with the widget you can put on your website to enable direct bookings… The second part of the question is impossible for me to answer, because we had no overlaps, and I think we can thank you for that. 🙂

Which change/trend in the tourism industry do you think will affect you most in the next 2 years?

The Villa Nepos Hotels is involved in creating a small, but extremely high-quality hotels with excellent service and decoration, and we think that this practice will continue. Guests are satisfied with the experience they have with us, which is what motivates us.

We want to set an example for others, and we want Split to become a destination with high-quality accommodation, and as a result, everyone would profit. Take Istria for an example, I think Split and Dalmatia deserve it. 🙂

Story created: July, 2019

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