HoReCa Adria 2021: Hotel Technology Revolution

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Hospitality equipment fair HoReCa Adria in Opatija, held last month, gathered eighty-two exhibitors from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Serbia.

Including us ✌️

The rich fair program included everything from professional hotel and catering equipment, small inventory and furniture to everything that makes the experience of relaxation more comfortable for guests. Most importantly, it includes technological solutions and reservation systems aimed at optimizing business.

For the first time, certainly not the last, we presented ourselves at the HoReCa Adria fair, with our new revolution project for hospitality in Croatia. To the general satisfaction of those present, we will modestly conclude 😊

Although the fair is primarily aimed at the Croatian market, this is a big step for Rentlio and our worldwide customers. Our hotel technology revolution project’s announcement and updates we are working on will also affect our international users.

Our tech experts spent three days in Opatija, patiently and enthusiastically answering all questions, compliments and suggestions, sharing our vision of revolution and digitalization of hospitality.

The Hotel Technology Revolution

We were not born yesterday 😉

The HoReCa fair was preceded by a week of education. During that educational week, Adriano Požarić specially prepared our tech experts, the sales team, for communication specifics. Adriano Požarić is the publisher and editor of Turizam Info magazine and organized several events closely related to hospitality. He is also an expert who holds training and workshops on marketing in hospitality.

We always like to meet face to face with our existing but also interested users, without the screens that divide us in most cases. Quality preparation for the fair was necessary for our team for several reasons.

HoReCa Adria – Rentlio

The most important reason is the specificity of Rentlio as a product. An intuitive but relatively new concept in an industry that is slowly but surely digitized requires a unique approach to all our potential and current users.

Traditional and (still) present on-premise property management systems in most hotels, apartments, hostels or campsites lack the flexibility to the changes that await hospitality.

On-premise PMS’s have several drawbacks. One of the main disadvantages is the lack of connection towards additional integrations. Each new adjustment implies additional costs and different equipment and development cycles, which usually lead to the interruption of part or all activities and are often charged extra.

Unless constantly physically present in your hotel, apartment, camp or hostel, management is almost impossible because traditional on-premise systems are physically installed on every computer. Although access is possible from different locations, this usually requires additional technical settings.

That is why we are announcing our project on the hotel technology revolution. We believe that tools must serve you, not the other way around – as is the case now.

In the last 12 months, we have recorded the most considerable growth in the number of hotels that have replaced their existing systems with Rentlio. During the fair, we also noticed a great interest in the digital revolution.

I believe it reflects the sincere need of all hoteliers, property managers and vacation rentals—a need for more efficient, intuitive and reliable solutions for everyday business. With the change of perception about hospitality as primarily a real estate business towards a technological one, the needs of our current and future users are also changing. With tech solutions, the offer of services and the possibility for a better guest experience is becoming a much broader concept.

The key to success in hospitality?

We are aware of the severe problems of the hotel industry – human resources and qualified staff. The focus should be on the guests – the entire time. We believe technology is a way to focus on guests rather than manual process management.

We often get feedback regarding the importance of close contacts due to the digitalization we advocate. But if you’re using a system that doesn’t recognize a returning or loyal guest just because you have a new person at the front desk, what is the solution? 👀

Upgrade services, other experiences, and offers while the guest is resting in the room is easier to suggest using a quality digital solution.

Yet, we still believe that close contact is the key to success. Owners, hoteliers and property managers are the ones who manage the technology and adapt it to their guests. Unfortunately, this is currently not the case, using the on-premise systems.

October – Croatian Tourism Month

Conveniently organized during the month that emphasizes the importance of Croatian tourism, we used this fair primarily to meet our current users, to get additional constructive suggestions for improvement and to make sure that Rentlio opens up opportunities instead of narrowing them 💪

We are immensely pleased to hear you are expanding your business precisely because of the freedom provided to you by technology like Rentlio.

Two challenging seasons are behind us, but many are ahead of guests, hoteliers, and vacation rentals. A fair like HoReCa Adria is another confirmation that quality is still the number one imperative in hospitality worldwide as well as in Croatia.

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