3 Ways Personalization Marketing Can Benefit the Hospitality

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There is a lot of talk about personalization.

The fact is that one of the best ways to highlight your offer is the personalization and customization of marketing. No one has the luxury of time anymore to filter all the information or various promotions reaching us all the time.

Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing is a promotional technique to deliver content to your guests, which is tailored individually by collecting, analyzing, and digitally automating data.

The goal is to provide relevant and tailored content to each guest.

Individualized and personalized content can target specific people and particular groups that share similar characteristics.

Purposeful communication

The purpose is vital.

When segmenting your guests and interpreting the data, clearly indicate what information is needed and valuable to each guest profile.

Communication is necessary to get the most out of every arrival and departure. It does not matter whether you have established contact via email, SMS, or other channels. The most important thing is not to cross the line towards unnecessary, or worse, irrelevant, communication.

Elimination is your friend

Personalization is vital when controlling what you want your guests to see or not.

Elimination and personalization go hand in hand when, for example, displaying and offering additional services during the booking process. Simultaneously, it is equally essential to omit services or shows that the guest is unlikely to be interested in.

No disappointments

By using personalization, you provide your guests with complete service, entirely omitting the feeling of missing out.

Although personalization is demanding to implement, the benefits that you will achieve are far-reaching. One of the essential benefits of personalization is the high probability that your content will reach who you want to reach.

3 Ways You Can Use Marketing Personalization

According to Forbes, 70% of millennials will feel frustrated when receiving impersonal emails. 74% of respondents also feel frustrated when the website content is not personalized.

At the same time, 72% of respondents stated that they engage exclusively with personalized messages.

Guests want personalized offers and promotions.

1. Personalized email marketing

One of the most effective ways to personalize is carefully targeted email marketing campaigns.

In particular, by personalizing email communication and content, you can address guests by name and send content to individuals with specific preferences. It will make your messages much more relevant and meaningful.

Take communication to the next level with automatization.

Rentlio email templates are designed to automate the messages you send to guests while saving time.

Rentlio Templates

Create an email template that you can, for example, send to a guest 3 days before arrival with location information. You can also create a template sent the day after arrival to recommend restaurants and excursions near you.

It is certainly not uncommon for your guests to contact you on mobile phones. To not have to answer all inquiries manually and individually, Rentlio offers the functionality of predefined messages that you can send to your guests by SMS / Whatsapp message.

When creating a template, use reservation variables (e.g. the guest name) to personalize the template you are sending.

Don’t forget the promo codes. You can create and activate discounts, which the guest applies when booking to the designated place and gains the mentioned discount. Moreover, you can include them in the content of your templates as another way of personalization.

2. Intelligent recommendations

Imagine a booking process during which a potential guest receives additional recommendations and suggestions, according to smartly analyzed data ⚡

Intelligent messages and notifications are another marketing move for a better guest experience—the same works for the targeted ads, which you can include in the booking process.

Buying journey

Buying journey includes all the steps a guest needs to take to confirm their booking.

The shorter the user’s path and the more helpful information along the way are, the greater are chances of confirming the reservation.

The integration of Rentlio and Google Tag Manager will help for a complete insight into the efficiency of each step that the guest goes through.

With this integration, you can get the answers to questions such as:

How many visitors come to the last step but do not make a reservation?

How many visitors to your site come through a Facebook / Instagram campaign?

In what language do your visitors most often view the page?

The answers to these and many other valuable questions can point out the obstacles guests encounter and increase the success of the potential guest’s buying journey.

Read here how to link Google Tag Manager to Rentlio.

3. Personalized digital marketing

Social media are excellent for personalized marketing primarily because they are designed with personal interactions.

Most social media already provide tools for easier defining reach and audience using the ads. But you can also use comments and messages for a personalized approach.

Analytics To the Rescue

You will achieve personalization only with the data. And it’s not always the case – the more, the better.

The more relevant the data, the better.

With a collection, quality analysis and digital automation, you will be able to provide relevant content to every potential or returning guest.

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