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Frequently asked questions

How can I activate my Rentlio subscription?

A process for activating Rentlio subscription is pretty straightforward. Click on the circle on the top right corner and choose a subscription from the dropdown menu. Here you will get all your subscription details. Before activating your subscription, please enter your personal information or the information of the company on whose behalf the subscription invoices will be issued in the Owner data section and enter your payment method.
Then you can go to your Subscription page and click on Activate subscription. When you activate a subscription, the invoice will be automatically issued and visible within the Invoices section. For visual instructions, please check the article How to activate Rentlio subscription.

We need to add a new user to our team. How will that be billed?

The ability to create different teams is an integral part of your Rentlio package, so adding additional team members to your Rentlio account is entirely free of charge. This feature allows you to share the responsibility of property management with other team members at the same time, based on the access rights that you provide them.
For example, you can create a reception team, housekeeping team, marketing team, etc. and allow each of these teams customized access rights so that they can do their job without having to deal with all Rentlio functionalities. Besides, you can add an administrator who will have full access and ability to change access for the teams (for example, assistant manager). More information about how you can create teams can find in this Help article.

What payment options Rentlio offers?

You can pay your Rentlio subscription with any Maestro, Mastercard or Visa credit/debit card. Once you activate the subscription, Rentlio will automatically charge your card each month according to the number of units you manage in the app. If you prefer a one-time payment, choose an annual Rentlio subscription and get a 10% discount.

You can always see the status and amount of your subscription in the Subscription section of your Rentlio account.