Managing Hotel, Vacation Rentals, Hostel or Camp – With Mobile App

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Being physically present in your apartment, hostel, hotel, or campground, especially if there are several of them, is a challenge, but it is much easier if you use mobile channel manager & PMS.

Daily tasks such as tracking reservations, arrivals and departures are time-consuming for both hoteliers and vacation rentals. Mobile PMS and channel manager app will save you time and ensure higher productivity.

Management On the Go

Cloud-based technology enables you complete control when you are not close to the desktop computer.

When it’s just not possible to be present in multiple places at once, manage bookings, change prices, scan personal documents and track guest arrivals and departures – you can easily use your smartphone, regardless of your accommodation’s size and type.

Mobile-Friendly Reception

Today, you should provide your guests with the option of direct booking tailored to mobile devices. Either lose them due to competition and OTAs.

An intuitive dashboard allowing you to view specific information is essential to perform everyday tasks efficiently. With a detailed insight into all aspects of your business, you can make decisions on the go.

Rentlio Dashboard within the mobile app will provide an intuitive view of (all) objects you manage. You can mark one or more you want to view. Bulk edit will enable you fast edit of availability, pricing and restrictions.

A quality mobile PMS and channel manager application completely integrates all aspects of your business.

Changes and updates you make using the app reflect on the connected distribution channels and reservations the same way as done via a desktop computer.


The mobile PMS and channel manager application will allow you to manage reservations easily. Track arrivals, departures and the current occupancy via mobile app.

Time-saving and increased productivity guaranteed 💪

Rentlio Calendar provides you with an overview of all important information in one place. It allows direct management of prices, availability and restrictions. Creating new or editing existing reservations is simple and straightforward. Regardless of the number of objects you manage.

Check-in and check-out

Most guests do not appreciate waiting in line at the reception.

You guessed it, a mobile PMS and channel manager app can end this unwanted experience.

The application will speed up the check-in process by an integrated document scanner allowing you to complete the whole process within seconds.

Integrating Rentlio with Chekin helps hosts automate the entire check-in process, from the booking confirmation to the check-out. A quick process during check-in and check-out is undoubtedly another chance to increase your guests’ satisfaction.


A simple and intuitive booking process viewed on a small screen is an indispensable element of a mobile-friendly booking engine.

Maximize your revenue by integrating the Rentlio Booking Engine. Compatibility with various mobile operating systems and devices will further enhance the quality of your booking process.

Channel Manager

The mobile application will also make it easier for you to manage sales channels on the go. Adjust prices and restrictions the same way you do on a desktop computer – from the palm of your hand.

Overbooking avoided 💪

Guest Relations

Social media and mobile technology have changed the way businesses and consumers communicate in general, resulting in a more personal approach.

Today, guests can reach you via social media such as Facebook and Instagram, using WhatsApp and Messenger applications, and even SMS. Communicate with guests before arrival, during their stay and after departure, by sending personalized messages.

Find the functionality of predefined message templates in Rentlio here. You can send it to guests so that you do not have to answer all inquiries manually and individually.

Photo by Juan Carlos Rivera on Unsplash

What are you waiting for?

With the technology enabling remote management in the form of a mobile application, i.e., mobile PMS and channel manager system, you will save more than just time and money.

Enable your reception and staff to focus on guest satisfaction by eliminating time-consuming administration.

That is why hoteliers and vacation rentals can and should look at mobile devices as an opportunity. Therefore, you shouldn’t ask yourself if your PMS and channel manager system needs to offer you a solution for your business via a mobile app, but why didn’t it already?

Are you already using the benefits of the Rentlio Mobile App?

We would love to hear your opinion, so feel free to leave a comment 😉

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