(Digitally-Savvy) Guest of the Future

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Pandemic highlighted the necessity for digital solutions.

According to a Deloitte survey, 40% of respondents in 2020 bought online. As many as 41% believe that slow or inadequate digital solutions reflect poor customer service.

Forbes predicts the emergence of the impatient user who wants the purchased goods and services immediately.

Your guests will be no different 🧳

Tourism is a digital industry.

Almost all companies are now technological. If the Wi-Fi is terrible or the POS devices don’t work flawlessly in a coffee shop, the business will suffer.

Let’s be realistic; marketing is technology-based, reservations and revenue management is also technology-based. You get the point. 😉

Post-pandemic guests will have expectations, and only with the right digital solutions will you secure your business’s competitiveness.

Guests of the Future Are Here

Modern guests are tech-savvy, actively using their smartphones.

A reliable internet connection is not enough. These guests expect the possibility of performing activities without leaving the accommodation unit. They expect opportunities such as food ordering, booking activities, or managing room features directly from their bed.

Digital solutions empower vacation rentals and hoteliers to answer tech-savvy guests’ expectations. Such solutions provide a sense of autonomy over guests’ experience, leading to greater satisfaction and loyalty.

Digitally-savvy guests pay attention to how vacation rentals and hoteliers communicate to the pandemic and associated changes. They are open to marketing messages; they won’t penalize you for continued promotions if you communicate the security aspect also.

Photo by hj barraza on Unsplash

According to our experience, an increasing number of tourism subjects decide to use the pandemic to replace outdated technological solutions. More modern solutions, such as cloud-based PMS, will secure a more reliable future.

Digitally Enhanced Experiences

Embracing hyperconnectivity for hoteliers and vacation rentals is not a choice. It’s a necessity.

Travel and tourism are among the most competitive industries. It is essential to capture and retain guests’ attention and loyalty. All that while you are increasing revenue and reducing costs.

The digital experience will personalize your service, keeping expenses lower.

For example, by using chatbots, you can provide support anytime, anywhere. You can answer frequently asked questions in advance. You could eliminate doubts that would otherwise stop the booking process and simplify it.

The modern guest anticipates instant communication and unchanged communication tone during in-person contact or messages in the inbox. Communication and guest relations are becoming more personal.

Connect Rentlio to one of the communication-specialized applications, such as GuestTalk. In case you didn’t already, connect Rentlio Booking Engine with Facebook Messenger.

These steps will positively change how you engage with your guests and teams via Whatsapp, SMS, email, and social media.

Find out more about maximizing the influence of smart devices here 🤓

Digital Change

Although tourism will recover pre-pandemic levels, guests’ expectations will change. That is why you should adjust to the digitally-savvy guests’ expectations.

Even before the pandemic, guests reacted positively to apartments, hostels, hotels and campgrounds with implemented digital solutions. The pandemic’s appearance only confirmed already present demand.

Reducing contact without restricting communication, simplifying access to services, and contactless payments are only some of the digital solutions which can help you protect your guests – and improve your service for the future.

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