How to Speed up Check-in and Register Guests in eVisitor

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Check-in is the registration process of guests, and in Croatia, vacation rentals, property managers, and hoteliers are obliged to enter each guest in the eVisitor system. During check-in, the owner or the reception staff checks the information and details about arrival, ensuring access to the selected accommodation type.

For every guest, the day of arrival is a memorable experience and often one of the most stressful days. Most travel for a long time, usually in higher temperatures, unsure of the quality of the apartment they rented – if they are coming for the first time. Why is check-in an indicative experience, what does eVisitor have to do with it, how does it work, and how can you convince your guests at check-in that they have chosen the suitable vacation rental?

What is eVisitor, and why is it essential for check-in

Holiday homeowners and vacation rentals n Croatia are obligated within 24 hours of arrival to register in the eVisitor system all persons staying in that house, apartment, or villa and to deregister their stay on the last day of their visit.

At the same time, eVisitor is a unique online information system connecting all tourist boards in the Republic of Croatia and enables daily insight into the state of tourist traffic, represents an up-to-date database of accommodation service providers, has the purpose of reporting for statistical and marketing purposes in real-time and better control of the collection of residence tax to achieve higher revenues in the tourism sector.

Why eVisitor is important for guest check-in

In the Republic of Croatia, the data of each guest must be in the eVisitor system by 24 hours after arrival. An essential function of eVisitor is check-in and check-out. Using eVisitor, you independently check in and out all your guests in your apartments, villas, or vacation residences. The same will result in an automated guest list (so-called guest book) at the level of each selected accommodation.

How eVisitor works

Any computer with Internet access is sufficient to access the system, and the system is designed responsively to adapt to the screen size for easier use. Additionally, data exchange between eVisitor and the selected vacation rental application is simple.

How to check in and register a guest in eVisitor

Vacation rentals and property managers often have hundreds of guests that must be registered on eVisitor – and arrive on the same day. So they often spend their afternoons typing in the information needed to log in, guest by guest.

When entering guest data in eVisitor, you must manually fill in at least a dozen mandatory fields. Equally, it is necessary to take notice of departures and when to check them out of the system properly. Doing all this manually wastes valuable time that could have been used otherwise. Check-in and guest registration on eVisitor can look different.

How to check-in guests in Rentlio, faster and easier

The Rentlio vacation rental application lets you register the guest directly in eVisitor during check-in.

It will only take you ten seconds to check in and register guests in eVisitor.

The fastest way to enter data for check-in purposes is to scan the document with the help of a smartphone (with the additional possibility of scanning in the desktop version for everyone who has a reception desk). Thanks to push notifications, you don’t have to worry about ever missing news about your guests and reservations. With the help of a camera, all guest data is scanned and entered where it should be. All that remains is to click on Register so that guest information is visible in the application and the eVisitor system.

By connecting Rentlio and eVisitor, you have the option of entering additional data for each guest, as well as adding more guests to the same reservation. Add and register your guests in eVisitor with the Rentlio mobile scanner.

We advise entering additional data for each guest by updating the reservation on the Calendar. Why? This way, you have an overview of the reservation and all the guests simultaneously, making it easier to find your way around and make fewer mistakes. On eVisitor, there is an option for Automatic logout. With this function, you don’t have to worry about guest check-out because Rentlio sends all information about the registered guest’s departure and check-out, so the guest is automatically checked out.

You can also connect multiple eVisitor accounts to one user account in Rentlio. The procedure is identical; feel free to add additional accounts. When registering guests, you select which eVisitor account the registration applies to, and that’s it.

In addition, with Rentlio, you have one Calendar at your disposal with an overview of all reservations from all booking portals where you advertise your accommodation. The function of the Calendar is to manage reservations, prices and issue invoices directly from the Calendar. Within Rentlio, you can also access a list of guest arrivals and departures with room or apartment labels ready for cleaning.

#3 ways for a better check-in that will impress your guests

Administration automation, such as guest registration on eVisitor and waiting during check-in, can replace more pleasant experiences. In particular, automated check-in will allow you to welcome guests by looking them in the eye instead of situations where they wait by looking at the back of your head. Many guests will be happy to listen to or read your instructions, recommendations, gastro suggestions, and offers of activities that await them. For all this, use check-in as an ideal time to share valuable information and tips.

#1 Welcome Drink

Consider offering refreshments to guests upon arrival. It’s a simple gesture that means a lot. Many travels for a long time and in high temperatures, and with a welcome drink, the conversation flows more naturally. It is also an equally lovely gesture to leave cold refreshments to welcome guests into the apartment.

#2 Information and rules

Anticipate additional questions, offer instructions on using appliances like air conditioning, let guests know where to find WiFi codes, and any other information you know would be helpful. Everyone has their own rules, and some issues are better resolved in advance so there are no misunderstandings later.

#3 Recommendations on activities, restaurants, and sights

Most guests will arrive informed. However, you don’t have to worry about excess by supplementing the offer with materials from local tourist boards – just in case; you can also add flyers from nearby restaurants or information about deliveries.

Check-in is the first and most meaningful experience for your guest

The check-in experience is as important as any first impression, and automated and fast guest registration on eVisitor simplifies the entire process and saves time. You don’t even need a laptop for check-in. Rentlio iOS or Android application installed on your smartphone so that you can control your vacation rental on the go.

Guest check-in is adapted to your needs and faster thanks to functionalities such as the automatic issuing of invoices or e-mail templates that contain information about guest arrivals, stays, or departures. This way, you save the time you would otherwise spend on the administrative check-in process to focus on your guests. Thanks to the detailed guest list in Rentlio, you will know your guests better, and the better you know them, the easier it will be to make them happy. Ultimately, happy guests lead to more bookings.

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