Rentlio Awarded Airbnb Preferred Software Partner 2022 Status

Patricia PetrinjakProduct Updates
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Airbnb has once again awarded Rentlio the status of Preferred Software Partner, recognizing us as an essential part of connecting hosts with Airbnb’s growing community.

Rentlio is created to be there for our users; small and large vacation rentals, property managers, hostels, hotels and campsites. Rentlio empowers reception staff, sales and general managers, and owners throughout Croatia (and beyond) in providing only the best of service. Rentlio develops business, speeds up processes, enables access, and offers a better quality experience to your guests.

We are facing a challenging period in which we are moving towards new markets, a period of growth and expression of what has been the full range of Rentlio’s possibilities for hospitality professionals, experts, vacation rentals and hoteliers from the beginning.

What does this status mean for our users?

Airbnb’s Preferred Software Partner program was launched in October 2018 to highlight the necessity of a quality host connection with the Airbnb platform. Airbnb Preferred Partner status consists of recognized and certified partners offering a fully integrated connectivity solution that exceeds performance benchmarks.

Airbnb has helped increase online reach, enabling fast and reliable connections for Rentlio users in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Airbnb and Rentlio maintain high service standards and provide the best tools for hosts. As a general rule, hosts who use a reliable Channel Manager tool offer a better experience to their guests.

Rentlio is a leading solution within which the Channel Manager integrates effectively with channels like Airbnb – and not only Airbnb. In combination, you create a powerful sales tool for communication and increasing the number of reservations. Because Airbnb is focused on creating the best experience for both host and guest, it maintains high standards by which it grants Preferred Software Partner status.

Find more about connecting Rentlio with Airbnb here.

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