Josip Pribilovic manager, Hotel Marul

Thanks to Rentlio mobile app, we have full control over reservations, rates, and guests at any given moment.

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Mateo Dell'Orco owner, Teatro Verdi Boutique Hotel

A year without overbookings.

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Marko Stolica assistant hotel manager, Heritage Hotel Antique Split

Choosing the right software allowed us to save time and focus on our hotel guests.

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Denis Peteani front office manager, Hotel Peteani

We simplified our processes with Rentlio web and mobile app. Quick changes to our calendar and effective price management raised our occupancy levels.

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All that's good about your hotel, brought to light by Rentlio.

5 reasons why you'll never go back to the old ways

  • Ease of integration. Empowering your hotel with Rentlio is a matter of filling in your property details and entering your upcoming rates, availability, and direct bookings. We'll do the rest for you.

  • Built-in channel manager. A frictionless link connecting your hotel with the biggest OTAs out there. Forget overbookings and channel switching — changes you make through Rentlio appear on all your listings in real time.

  • Powerful, all-in-one calendar. Manage guests, pricing, restrictions, and availability of all your rooms from one place. Easily control pricing on all your online channels with custom rate plans you create in Rentlio.

  • Painless check-in & check-out. Get the relationship with your guests off to a flying start with seamless ID scanning and a one-click registration. End it on the right note with automated invoicing and scheduled thank-you messages.

  • Flexible, multi-account access. Stay in control of who gets to do what at your hotel. Bring your receptionist, cleaning lady, and property manager on board, each with different rights and permissions.

Supercharging your hotel operations

Overview dashboard

Your most essential information in one place. See who is coming to your hotel, who has canceled or modified their booking, and who is staying with you at the moment.

Channel manager

Change your rates, availability, or restrictions at once across Booking, Expedia, Airbnb, Hotelbeds, HRS, Prestigia, Splendia Luxury, and other channels.

Multipurpose calendar

Handle the majority of your daily tasks directly from Rentlio’s calendar. Manage guests, switch views, change rates, set availability and restrictions — all in just a few clicks.

Booking engine

Embed Rentlio’s booking engine into your website and drive direct reservations without fees or commission.

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Automatic invoices & messages

Easily generate on-brand invoices after each stay and send scheduled reminders, messages, and notes to your guests.

Seamless guest registration

Manual check-in is a thing of the past. Use your smartphone to scan in your guests’ ID cards, passports, driving licences, and other identity documents.

Manage Your Hotel from Anywhere!

As a hotelier, you are always out and about. Rentlio’s smartphone app lets you run things better than you’d run them from your front office.

How many accommodation units does your hotel have?

*an accommodation unit is every apartment, room or bed (in case of hostels) that you rent out separately.

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Montly price per unit is €NaN. Prices are VAT excluded.

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Frequently asked questions

What booking channels does Rentlio support?

Rentlio syncs with your hotel listings on, Expedia, Hotelbeds, Airbnb, HRS, Prestigia, and Splendia Luxury, among other channels. See the full list of channels we support, as well as the way we connect you with them.

Can I connect Rentlio to my website?

Yes, you can easily integrate Rentlio’s booking engine into your hotel’s website. The incoming reservations will be synced across all of your online listings and don’t involve a commission fee. This means you can attract new and returning guests with the lowest rates, all while achieving greater profitability.

Can I add multiple people to my Rentlio account?

Yes, as an account owner, you can set up teams, assign users to those teams and give them different rights and permissions regarding access. Your team members will be sent an email with an invitation to sign up. Once onboard, depending on their level of access, they can do anything from tracking arrivals and departures to performing all functions with Rentlio. You can read more about teams in Rentlio here.

Can I manage my hotel restaurant through Rentlio?

If you’re using a restaurant management software, you can sync it with Rentlio via open API integration. This means you can manage both your hotel and restaurant from a single interface. For example, if one of your guests’ orders room service and wants to put it on the tab, Rentlio will record the order so that your reception desk can include it in the bill come check-out time.

Grow Your Hotel with Rentlio!

By the time you scrolled through here, you could’ve already set Rentlio up, changed the room availability, increased your rates for the next week, and taken the dog out for a walk. But it’s easier done than said. Try Rentlio yourself, free of charge, no cc required.

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