How To Know Your Property Management System Is Close To Its Expiration Date?

Dario BijelićTourism Marketing
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Unlike wine, traditional hotel systems do not get better with age.

The pandemic has accelerated the need for cloud-based property management systems transforming traditional job positions and guest experiences. Such digital environments offer less direct contact and more quality service.

How do you know when to replace software and the hotel operations system?

Why change it if it (seemingly) functions?

Entering reservation changes manually to keep data synchronized; using multiple systems instead of only one; customer support minimal efforts to answer your inquiries or/and demands.

I would call such tech solutions all kinds of names, but not functional.

The new generation of cloud-based PMS systems has too much to offer to be ignored. Today, it is becoming unnecessary to fight outdated tools that make everyday business more difficult and time-consuming.

Constant Integration Problems

Multifunctional systems, such as Rentlio, include all the necessary features and integrated tools. That makes no sense in using poorly synchronized systems that require manual data transfer and switching between different providers.

For 31% of hoteliers, the inability to integrate is an obstacle that affects the adoption and use of the software.

It is better to choose hotel software that is open to working with other applications or extensions and works simultaneously with the Booking Engine and Channel Manager.

A solution like Rentlio.

Lack of Guest-Centred Automation

Nearly a decade ago, the InterContinental Hotels Group was first to introduce a mobile key to enter certain rooms of specific hotels. Hilton and Hyatt have followed this trend, with the Marriott going a step further and offering mobile and online check-in and check-out with digital keys to members of its membership program.

At the time, all of this was experimental.

Today, normal.

Providing digital services to guests is no longer just mainstream. It influences the guest’s decision-making process by adding value, saving time and reducing, often unnecessary, interactions.

According to Skift, 45% of respondents are more likely to stay in a hotel that offers technology that reduces physical contact with staff. We haven’t even mentioned contactless payment options, mobile check-in and check-out, keyless entry, online services, and digital messaging.

No Reliable Support and Bug Fixing

Are you not getting help? Worse, the support you manage to contact does nothing to resolve your situation as soon as possible?

Don’t you remember the last time your system was upgraded? Or worse, you do remember because you could not work at all?

That is just another sign that the system you are using has expired.

Responsible hotel system providers have reliable support you can turn to for a solution. At the same time, regular updates are ubiquitous when using cloud-based systems.

As soon as the user starts using the system, your provider collects data and identifies issues fixed during the next system upgrade.

Questionable Value For Money

Poorly designed property management systems cause too many delays and irreversibly lead to new, often unforeseen costs.

There are always additional commissions, hidden costs or other obligations that you may not have been aware of at the time of concluding the contract.

On the other hand, you have the opportunity for a digital experience with countless opportunities to increase sales, direct bookings, instant troubleshooting compatibility thanks to seamless data synchronization.

With a reduction in annual IT costs.

Key Role

Today, hotel management systems and technology providers play a crucial role in the business’s survival.

In addition to the traditional role that remains relatively unchanged – management and quality system should significantly improve each guest’s experience.

Of course, you will not make a change only for the sake of change.

If your system does not meet some of these or quite specific business requirements – that is a reason to consider a change.

Are you ready to start using software and a solution that adds value to your business and simplifies your staff’s day-to-day repeated tasks?

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