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Travel and hospitality are visual industries.

There is so much to show. However, competition is harsh. Social media feeds are full of beautiful hotels, apartments or hostels that take advantage of promotion opportunities in various ways.

Both Facebook and Instagram more and more allow less and less reach for organic posts. Still, sometimes it’s not just a matter of reach and numbers.

Check your content so far, but also the content your competition posts. And honestly evaluate if you can do better because, among other things, social media algorithms also assessing the quality of the content you share.

What to publish?

How do you write and create a post that will make your potential guests stop scrolling through different feeds?

Guests and travellers always have specific ideas about how their accommodation and vacation will look. It is up to you to show them that it is even better than that.

Modern travellers, modern approach

To reemphasise, the guests are different. Their expectations are different.

Primarily, there are digital nomads. Modern travellers for whom only the sky is the limit when choosing where to work. The way digital nomads select their destinations and what they expect from the accommodation will immediately help post creation for this segment of guests.

Desktops, a good location and an affordable price may not seem like something that should be posted on social media. However – we assure you that this is not the case.

New generations of travellers love authentic and pristine, hidden gems of specific destinations. If there is something like this nearby you, share it. Experiences and places come into play equally.

What makes your city unique and fun, what is it famous for, what guests should not miss, what dishes must they try, where is the best entertainment, nightlife and similar?

Such information is always handy for posting on social media and blogs.

Be the first to share all the news related to the destination. Nearby pub opening, restaurant, cafe, exhibition, whatever is unique and exciting, be sure to communicate through a story, post, or blog.

Brag, a little

You don’t have to win awards to have anything to brag about. These can be novelties in the offer, new services, investments or any changes that affect the guests’ experience.

Furthermore, feel free to share all the compliments with the rest of your followers and anyone who might become one because everyone appreciates recommendations.

Focus on details

When it comes to photography, it’s easy to miss the little things.

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

What to do and what to visit?

Guests love to read about how to relax and have fun where they are staying.

Write helpful travel tips, posts, and blogs. Such content includes interesting facts about places, reminds travellers and guests what to pay attention to.

It will result in three things:

You are giving your current guests more ideas on how to spend their time.

You are attracting potential guests to visit and experience everything you suggest.

And, ultimately, you are becoming a relevant source of information.

You must have searched for the top 10 places to visit in a city for yourself sometime. Unleash your ideas. Create a post where you will describe at least the top 5 reasons for staying with you, what and where to have dinner or why your destination is great for a vacation.

Staff recommendations

Guests love to see and experience how locals live, where they eat, what they enjoy. Share a recommendation regarding where you like to eat something, take a walk, or your favourite attraction. Be sure to publish this, and witness your engagement increase.

Behind the scenes

Show how your staff takes breaks, how they prepare for a meeting, how they frame a table for dinner, how they kindly greet guests. Possibilities are countless.

Show yourself in a different light, literally.

Photographs of different hotels and apartments are generally reduced to similar arrays of motifs.

Photo by Jörg Angeli on Unsplash

However, the play of light can completely transform the usual scenes that everyone is used to. Try taking photos during the golden hour, at dusk or sunrise. Evening lighting is also an excellent motive for creating content for social media.

Think outside the room

Think about what else people want from a vacation other than comfortable rooms and suites for relaxation.

For many, food is a massive part of the experience.

Photo by Stefan Johnson on Unsplash

Ask yourself why your customers book reservations. Because of the allowed stay of dogs, location, destination? And then share it.

Instagramability is an Advantage

The bottom line is this – be helpful, but not vain. Focus on personality, not beauty.

Seemingly general guidelines, but easy to follow.

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