Airbnb Preferred Software Partner Status: Ensuring Channel Manager Quality

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Only select vacation rental software applications and property management systems have achieved Airbnb Preferred Software Partner status. Rentlio Channel Manager has met the necessary criteria due to its innovative management of booking channels and exceptional performance in connecting hosts worldwide with the Airbnb community. Notably, Rentlio is among only 20 companies globally that have attained this esteemed status.

“We take pride in achieving Airbnb Preferred Software Partner status. This confirms the quality of Rentlio Channel Manager for all owners of apartments, villas, vacation homes, and property managers,” said Šime Basioli, our Head of Product. Alongside the rest of the team, he is dedicated to bridging Rentlio users with the Airbnb community.

Airbnb introduced its Preferred Software Partner program in October 2018 to provide hosts with a more reliable and high-quality experience. This initiative empowers Airbnb’s relationship with a specific group of service providers by recognizing the best quality partners offering comprehensive solutions for integrating hosts on Airbnb.

Rentlio, a comprehensive vacation rental software tailored for streamlined renting of apartments, villas, and vacation homes, encompasses functionalities such as a Property Management System (PMS), Channel Manager, and mobile application. Year after year, it consistently lives up to expectations and fulfills the established criteria.

Advantages of Quality Airbnb Integration Through Channel Manager

Integrating Rentlio Channel Manager with Airbnb offers numerous benefits. This integration allows users to securely exchange data about reservations, arrivals, departures, communicate with guests, and access information about their stay and reviews.

Both Airbnb and Rentlio maintain high service standards, providing optimal tools for hosts. Hosts leveraging a dependable Channel Manager can enhance their guests’ experiences.

Reliable Two-Way Connection with Channel Manager

Rentlio’s Property Management System (PMS) offers an integrated Channel Manager that establishes a reliable two-way API communication with the Airbnb channel. While Rentlio Channel Manager previously offered only a standard one-way connection via iCal, the introduction of API communication and integrations presents several specific advantages detailed below.

Full Channel Manager Synchronization with Airbnb

The two-way connection with the Airbnb channel facilitates real-time synchronization of information related to reservations, availability, and prices between the channel manager and Airbnb. Through this integration, guests gain access to real-time availability updates, streamlining the booking process by providing accurate information about reservation periods.

Streamlined Management with Channel Manager

Previously, we discussed the benefits of the two-way Rentlio-Airbnb connection, which ensures real-time price and availability matching while synchronizing booking details. However, we haven’t yet highlighted how this automation can save apartment owners and staff countless hours. Specifically, it eliminates the need for manual reservation entries and the time-consuming task of manually checking each reservation modification for accurate availability.

With the Rentlio-Airbnb connection, you can conveniently manage reservations from a single location or multiple spots, even while on the move, using the available mobile app.

Enhancing Bookings and Revenue through Airbnb Integration with Channel Manager

Connecting with Airbnb extends the reach of your apartments, villas, vacation rentals, and rooms to a broader audience of potential guests. Airbnb has facilitated over 300 million guest arrivals and operates in more than 81,000 cities across 191 countries. Integrating with the Airbnb booking channel significantly enhances the likelihood of achieving better occupancy rates.

How to Activate Airbnb ↔ Rentlio Channel Manager Integration

The process of setting up and activating the Rentlio-Airbnb integration is straightforward:
Log in to your Rentlio account; access the Channel Manager section; follow the instructions provided for seamless integration.

For a comprehensive understanding of synchronization settings and limitations, consult the article: Channel manager connection with your Airbnb account.

Should any doubts arise, rest assured that our support team responds to inquiries within 3 minutes.

Airbnb & Channel Manager: A Recipe for Success

Rentlio takes immense pride in being recognized as one of the premier channel managers on the market. Our extensive user base spanning over 40 countries stands as a testament to our excellence. Acknowledged as an indispensable tool for renters and property managers, Rentlio’s commitment to quality is underscored by our third-year recognition as an Airbnb Preferred Software Partner.

The integration of channel managers and booking portals like Airbnb offers a powerful toolkit for property owners and managers, facilitating more efficient reservation management, increased revenue, and wider engagement with potential guests.

Ready to experience the benefits? Try Rentlio Channel Manager for free to discover how you can boost bookings and efficiently manage your business, including apartments, villas, and vacation homes.

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