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An efficient property management system (PMS) is the lifeblood of every hotel and vacation rental.

But, is everyone fully aware of how essential is the openness of the PMS toward 3rd-party integrations? Without integrations between your PMS and other software providers, you won’t be able to fully adjust the tech stack to all the specific needs of your hotel, vacation rental, hostel, or campsite.

Openness and connectivity are built in Rentlio’s very core. We are adding new integrations regularly and are more than proud to announce our very recent integration partner – Chekin.

By connecting Chekin with Rentlio, our users will additionally automate yet another set of services for their guests. This integration is primarily aimed at our non-Croatian users (Hello to all of you worldwide 👋).

The Benefits of Chekin Integration

Chekin automates and digitizes all the steps of the check-in process, from the booking confirmation to the check-out.

It will enable you to be more independent of your staff availability. It will also result in a better guest experience, making the front desk queues much shorter (sounds like an additional bonus concerning current health and safety measures globally).

Furthermore, besides making your costs lower, these kinds of integrations ease the transition from an old-school check-in approach toward smart devices, ensuring better reviews and positive guests’ feedback.

Chekin Features

Chekin improves hosts’ experience by:

  • online check-in tool: allowing guests to register themselves online before arrival;
  • legal compliance: taking care of legal responsibilities depending on your country, like reporting guest data to police and tourist authorities;
  • self-check-in: smart locks are becoming more popular as the social distance becomes new normal;
  • tourist taxes: automatic calculation of tourist taxes depending on property location.
Photo by Marek Levák on Unsplash

How do Rentlio – Chekin integrations works?

As a PMS, Rentlio holds all the relevant reservation data. Once the integration is activated, Rentlio syncs the reservation details with Chekin.

Enriching synced details furthermore using Chekin features will lead to process optimization. And we all know each optimization encourages growth – of your revenue and your guests’ experience.

Therefore, we will relentlessly continue to work on new integrations to answer different requests concerning our current and future users – in Croatia and outside of it. The list of all existing integrations supported by Rentlio can be found here.

In case you have an additional integration suggestion, or you would like to connect with Rentlio – you are more than welcome to contact us.

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Franko is Rentlio’s Product Manager. Besides supporting Rentlio customers, he is supporting Hajduk soccer team (whenever they play). Seeking happiness and inspiring people to break down their barriers is his fuel for life.