5 Traits That Make a Great Hotel Manager

Iva SoldoTourism Marketing
8 min read

Managing a place, event, or people is a challenging job. When you combine all three of those things, you get the role of a hotel manager. To become a successful hotel manager, you should stick to our five traits that make a great hotel manager.

Communication is key

Communication is indispensable for people working in hospitality management. A day in the life of a hotel manager is filled with conversations, and what makes him stand out is the fact that he treats everyone – from maids and cooks to the most beloved guests – with respect. This means not only communicating clearly to the staff and guests but also listening carefully and respectfully, as well as being able to accept different opinions.

Constant responsibility

People follow those they trust, and they trust people who can quickly make decisions in stressful situations and communicate properly. The key feature here is consistently taking responsibility for the choices you make. This is how good teams are created, and it is the main reason why successful managers know how to motivate and lead the team.

Delegating as the art of management

No manager thinks micromanagement is unnecessary. There are only top managers who have learned that they cannot do everything on their own and that they have to work as a team. Top managers know that the secret to success is letting everyone know what they expect, in what timeframe, and why. A great hotel manager shows this by his example, but also wisely delegates and trusts his people.

The devil is in the detail

To ensure an unforgettable experience that guests will talk about years later means paying attention to every little detail. A good manager knows all the safety regulations, e.g., he puts fresh flowers at the reception, but a top manager knows which flowers will not bother guests who are suffering from hay allergy. Attention to detail will ensure that the manager can quickly check that no one has overlooked or forgotten anything and that the goals and deadlines are being met. Punctuality and proper organization is the key in jobs where multitasking is an integral part of everyday life.

Better than the best

Success does not last forever, whether we are talking about sports or hospitality management, and that is why top hotel managers not only know how to reward the people who contribute to that success – including themselves – but they also push their teams to be better. They know what their competitors are doing; they follow and predict trends in the hospitality industry and are not afraid of change.

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