Top 5 Travel and Tourism Websites You Should Be Reading

Nataša LakićTourism Marketing
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Did you know that you can expect a growth in demand for pet-friendly rentals this year? Personalization and loyalty programs are currently becoming the main trends in tourism. To be in the loop with all the news and industry happenings, you need to follow relevant media and continuously inform yourself to always stay a step ahead of the competition.


Skift is the largest industry intelligence platform providing media, insights, and marketing to key sectors of travel. The platform deciphers and defines trends for global CEOs and CMOs across travel, dining, and wellness sectors through a combination of news, research, conferences, and marketing services. It is a daily must-visit if you want to know how to stay competitive or why there is a trend among traditional hotels to have shared rooms such as ones in hostels, or what are the challenges in reducing the usage of plastics in your property.


Hospitality Net

A leading source for hoteliers will bring you news from around the world that you can read on a global or regional scale. Follow the advice about hotel management, find out how to attract and keep millennial employees, or how to reach guest satisfaction with data accumulation. Read about experiences on how to attract guests with great food and drink offers or how to create loyalty programs for your properties. Inform yourself about the best social media advertising tactics and the importance of high-quality websites and mobile apps for your future guests.

hospitalitynet blog

Sojern’s Travel Marketing Blog

Sojern is a leading source for digital marketing solutions in the tourism industry. Their blog is a neverending marketing content resource for tourism professionals. Follow this blog if you want to learn more about marketing trends in different travel industry sectors, how to use Instagram and Facebook to promote your accommodation, or what is native advertising and how to motivate guests to share their experiences on social media.

Destinations Magazine

Research has shown that traveling can be not just a fun and relaxing way of meeting the world around us but can radically change and transform our lives to better. Traveling influences our self-perception, home, work, friends, cousins – life in general. Photographs and stories in this magazine will give you excellent guidance on how to approach potential guests and inspire them to choose you as their next destination and purpose of their travel.

destinations magazine website preview

Trivago Business Blog

Trivago’s blog is an excellent source of actionable insights into hotel marketing, technology, and trends to help hotel professionals thrive in the rapidly changing industry. Here you’ll find great articles on hotel marketing and technology, inspiring interviews with industry leaders, data reports and analyses, or insider tips and tricks of the trade. Learn how to cope with negative reviews, what business books to read, or how to be fully booked offseason.


Published on 20th of December 2019.

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