We're a group of digital teachers, makers, movers and shakers that want to help tourism entrepreneurs and their teams succeed!

Having to pick one single thing that all of the people at Rentlio have in common it would be the driving spirit that runs through the team and generates endless motivation, innovation and fun.We’re proud of the community and relationships that have formed at Rentlio…Even though we work remotely.


Our team is based all over Croatia. We manage to see each other frequently and work closely. Basically, our daily operation mission is to obsess over making work better for hostels, hotels and rental managers!

We stay connected through our shared values and goals.

A first-grade product is everything!

We continually remind ourselves why we’re building Rentlio: to make property managers and their team’s work feel like less work. That is the sole purpose why we’re making Rentlio better each day.

Taking and giving full responsibility

People do their best work when they know ideas and feedback are valued. We celebrate the diverse perspectives and create an environment in Rentlio where anyone can ask questions, suggest projects and provide feedback. Rentlio is an experiment in the idea that the responsibility should be distributed among a great team of peers that respect and trust each other, so we proactively build relationships and seek to understand each other.

Being real with yourself, your coleagues and customers

We take our commitments to each other seriously. We admit when we’re wrong. We treat ourselves as whole people at work. We feel our feelings all the way through and we’re not afraid to give constructive feedback or disagree.

Users (do) always come first

This is not just another line you have already heard before. We are here for you. We want to know every problem you have, help you with any challenge you encounter. Personal approach, listening and strong relationships are the driving force behind Rentlio’s success and we are fully aware of it.

Think in Experiences

Product and user experiences are part of our core, it's not just the
software we're building but how we approach everything.


Marko Mišulić
Chief Executive Officer / Founder
Ivan Padavić
Chief Technology Officer
Marko Todorović
Head of Ops & People
Pankracije Barać
Software Engineer
Paolo Hrepić
Software Engineer
Davor Kapša
Software Engineer
Kristina Bartolin
Software Engineer
Jakov Vežić
Software Engineer
Ana Ilić
Product Manager
Franko Pauletić
Product Manager
Šime Basioli
Product Designer
Nataša Lakić
Customer Support Team Lead
Nina Glavić
Customer Support Specialist
Josip Subašić
Customer Support & Onboarding Specialist
Ana Begušić
Customer Support Specialist
Antonia Stipaničev
Customer Support Specialist
Petra Marin
Customer Support Specialist
Dario Bijelić
Business Development Manager
Ana Marija Burnać
Business Development Manager
Sanja Sudar
Business Development Manager
Dora Bosotina
Marketing Project Manager
Patricia Petrinjak
Content Contributor
Antonio Lupieri
Digital Marketing Specialist
Iva Mišulić
Office Admin

Always searching for talents

We're looking for independent, entrepreneurial, open to ideas and ferociously talented individuals who love a good challenge and get sh*t done.