Rentlio Named Airbnb Preferred Software Partner

Patricia PetrinjakProduct Updates
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The Preferred Software Partner status highlights the quality and growth of software providers around the world. This recognition is a new step forward in providing the highest service quality to our customers.

Preferred Software Partner initiative, designed to empower and strengthen Airbnb’s relationships with a particular group of service providers, recognizes partners that provide fully integrated connectivity solutions for hosts listing on Airbnb and have exceeded Airbnb’s performance benchmarks.

Thanks to innovative channel management, exceptional performance in connecting hosts worldwide with the Airbnb community Rentlio has met the set criteria and became one of only 20 global companies that have Preferred Partner status 💪 Rentlio’s purpose-built PMS and channel manager are set to provide solid and reliable two-way API connectivity to Airbnb.

Working with forward-thinking property managers, vacation rentals and hoteliers in Croatia and worldwide, Rentlio provides the tools, integrations and customer care to help them drive efficiencies, generate more revenue and ultimately grow their business, all in one place.

About the Preferred Partner Program

The preferred partner program by Airbnb was launched in October 2018 to ensure hosts have a comprehensive experience connecting with Airbnb. Highlighting recognized and certified partners who offer fully integrated connectivity solutions that exceed performance benchmarks, the Preferred Software Partner status signifies that Rentlio delivers an exceptional level of service and surpasses all technical performance benchmarks set by Airbnb.

The entire Rentlio team will use this recognition to inspire further, even better service improvements for those for whom Rentlio is intended, our customers.

Using Rentlio Channel Manager integration with Airbnb, you save time and money while increasing bookings. Guests are offered a calendar with updated availability in real-time and a secure online booking engine. That allows travellers to know the actual availability of accommodations so that they can make their reservations at any time, with secure payment and all legal guarantees.

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