The Website You Didn’t Know You Had: 7 Strategies to Optimize Google My Business

Nataša LakićTourism Marketing
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Google my Business is a helpful tool. The benefits of local search are unquestionable. Using GMB listing, it is relatively easy to achieve results by updating photos, general information and reviews. At the same time, listing allows direct contact, and more importantly – booking.

In other words, Google My Business listing is essential.

And many overlook it.

How do I optimize my Google My Business profile?

It is one thing to list your hotel or apartment on Google My Business and quite another to maintain it regularly.

GMB will help you be present when it matters the most: at the moment when a guest searches for your location or business title on Google.

Suppose you regularly maintain your listing, update it with new photos, special offers and promotions. In that case, you will make it easier for interested guests to choose.

Here is an overview of 7 moves that can help you optimize your listing on the Google My Business platform for better rankings and more bookings:

1. Provide accurate information

Check the accuracy of every detail you mention.

Focus on the content you offer.

Check the address and Google Map location, twice.

A reservation based on incorrect information will result in a negative review, loss of the reservation and a disappointed guest.

2. Check for location accuracy of the location. Twice.

If your guests cannot easily find your location, they will be annoyed – like any of us would be. Why? Because a lot of time goes wasted on looking for direction.

Update and review your location regularly. You can also specify a more familiar place for the landmark to give more accurate directions and make navigation easier.

3. Integrate your website

If you have a website, use it during the registration process.

By default, Google My Business creates ‘(name).business. site’. It is an entirely customizable website that you can use to integrate the booking engine.

There are many who, for some reason, do not have their website. Google My Business listing combined with Rentlio Booking Engine is an excellent alternative.

Still, your website is a recommendation. Combined with all of the above, using it will help you establish your unique identity among guests.

4. Don’t Ignore the Q & A section

The questions and answers section is often unjustifiably neglected.

There are various uncertainties that your potential guests encounter, which hoteliers and vacation rentals may not pay full attention to, but could affect the booking ratio.

If the guest finds your offer ideal but has questions, why not post them right here – in that section.

Suppose a guest made an inquiry this way, and the inquiry happened to remain unanswered. You lost two sources of reservations: a guest inquiring about a room and potential guests who saw the unanswered query.

5. Focus on reviews

More reviews are always a good idea – ask your guests for feedback.

The equation is as follows, poor reviews and low rankings will result in a loss of bookings. At the same time, positive reviews and higher marks will improve it.

6. Use analytics

Google My Business will also provide you with an overview of analytics, weekly, monthly, daily, and annual performance reviews. Data such as the number of visitors, the conversion rate are available to you. And data has never been more needed.

Using analytics can improve the experience of using GMB listings, sales methods and marketing moves.

7. Regular updating

Post updates regularly.

Briefly share the latest information, share new special offers you’ve created, or notify about an event you’re hosting. Attach relevant photos and share.

Constantly updating the listing will help you promote and increase the level of guest engagement.

Photo by Marek Levák on Unsplash

Rentlio x Google My Business

Google My Business allows you to get in touch with your guests and professionally present your offer if you have a website.

Direct bookings x Rentlio Booking Engine

Rentlio Booking Engine can act as a standalone website. By having customization options as adding a logo, it will quickly adapt to your visual identity. Due to the way it works, the website is not necessary to make more direct reservations.

Using your Rentlio Booking Engine link, guests searching by name directly from the Google Search page will be redirected to the Rentlio Booking Engine.

How? Like this 😊

Google Analytics x Rentlio Booking Engine

Within the general settings of Rentlio Booking Engine, you can place the code at the bottom. It will enable you to track various metrics and visitor statistics from your website.

You must first go to Google Analytics and sign in with your Google / Gmail account. If you are new to this area, then you can learn more about the first steps here.

Google Tag Manager x Rentlio Booking Engine

If you can afford a little time, this tool will increase the scope of your analytics and data and even more efficiently direct the effort you invest in marketing.

For example, Google Tag Manager will reveal that visitors to your booking engine cancel a booking on the last step. Knowing this and similar information will make it easier for you to deduce reasons for such interruptions, as well as possible solutions.

Link Rentlio Booking Engine with Google Tag Manager.

What can I do with the Google My Business listing?

All data you share through Google My Business will be displayed in Google Search results and available on Google Maps. Post all the information you want to be easily accessible to your guests.

GMB will allow you to analyze interactions – if someone tries to find you using Google, Google Maps, you will know it 👀

How does this help me?

Google My Business makes you more accessible.

Potential guests can quickly contact or book your accommodation. That will increase the probability that your potential guests will not only review but also book directly. Google My Business will complement your website by adding more visibility to your current website while searching and using Google Maps.

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