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We doubled our multi-property business revenue in the first year with Rentlio.


More properties, more revenue, more freedom. Rentlio makes multi-location rental management a breeze.

4 things MPMs love about Rentlio

  • One account for all your properties. Seamlessly switch between and manage all of your properties from Rentlio's main dashboard.

  • Property management on the go. MPMs and agencies love how versatile yet simple Rentlio's mobile app is in helping them run properties across multiple locations.

  • Shared access with customizable permissions. Let property owners and staff play their part with layered rights and permissions.

  • Automated, personalised messages. Guide your guests with pre-set and scheduled emails.

Run things your way

Overview dashboard

Your Rentlio dashboard provides you with a dynamic overview of all your reservations across all your properties. Edit reservation data, quickly create guest invoices, and monitor your numbers from one place.

Channel manager

Dozens, if not hundreds of properties and not a single overbooking in sight thanks to Rentlio’s channel manager. Save hours each day by managing all your properties in one place.

Multipurpose calendar

Easily add and remove new properties as you grow. All data will be synced to Rentlio’s calendar — a powerful control desk that lets you manage your rentals, one by one.

Booking engine

Increase the profitability of your properties by embedding Rentlio’s booking engine on any website. Pasting our code snippet is all it takes to start driving commission-free bookings to your rentals.

Live Preview

Automatic invoices & messages

Create on-brand invoices in seconds and simplify the way you communicate with your guests prior to, during, and after their stay.

Seamless guest registration

Use your smartphone camera to seamlessly extract personal information on ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, and other global identity documents.

Manage Your Properties from Anywhere!

Run all of your properties from Rentlio’s mobile app, wherever you are and whenever you want.

How many accommodation units do you manage?

*an accommodation unit is every apartment, room or bed (in case of hostels) that you rent out separately.

Foraccommodation units, you'll pay€NaN

Montly price per unit is €NaN. Prices are VAT excluded.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I manage multiple objects through one Rentlio account?

Yes! You can set up multiple properties in your Rentlio account. Each property has an individual calendar and property settings, but you can also choose All properties preview.

Also, you can create teams for each property with access restricted to only that property and not the others.

Can I add multiple people to my Rentlio account?

Yes, as an account owner, you can set up teams, assign users to those teams and give them different rights and permissions regarding access. Your team members will be sent an email with an invitation to sign up. Once onboard, depending on their level of access, they can do anything from tracking arrivals and departures to performing all functions with Rentlio. You can read more about teams in Rentlio here.

How much will Rentlio cost me?

The price for your Rentlio subscription is defined by the type of your property, number of units, and the type of subscription. Rentlio offers two subscription types which differ in their price and functionalities: Basic and Advanced. The price for Basic subscription is €4,00 per unit, and the price for Advanced subscription is €8,00 per unit. For each unit above 15, you will receive a discount. Here you can find more information about the each subscription type and the price calculator for your property.

Ready to cool down and scale up?

Running multiple properties doesn’t have to be stressful. Rentlio will help you get more done without ever running out of breath. You’ll believe us when you try it.

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We doubled our multi-property business revenue in the first year with Rentlio.