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with an easy-to-use property management system and channel manager.

More than 13,000 accommodation units in more than 40 countries are already growing with Rentlio. Yours can, too.

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Dynamic calendar that helps you do more with less

You make the decisions. Rentlio’s calendar makes them happen. View bookings at a glance, adjust rates, and set availability for all your units in one place.

Mobile app that lets you call the shots on the go

Full control at your fingertips. Manage bookings, set rates, track arrivals, departures and register guests from your smartphone.

Channel manager that never skips a beat

We hate overbookings as much as you do. Sync your rental with Rentlio and you’ll never have to worry about those again.

Booking engine that maximizes your profits

Diversify your source of bookings and break free from OTAs. Rentlio’s booking engine works around the clock to fill your calendar with direct reservations.

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