Benefits of Google My Business: 4 Reasons Not to Ignore This Listing

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Search engines are vital to hospitality. In that equation, Google is the king 👑

With an almost almighty search engine, Google offers powerful tools.

One of these is Google My Business, the cornerstone of effective marketing. A free tool that provides many SEO opportunities and is the first step towards higher search rankings.

Failure to list your hotel or apartment is a big marketing mistake because the search engine relies heavily on the information you enter this way.

Google My Business Benefits

Google My Business is often the most neglected feature of online reputation management.

Keep reading to find out the main reasons why Google My Business should not be overlooked:

#1 It improves your SEO strategy results

Using Google posts as part of the Google My Business tool will improve your search results and increase the interest of potential guests.

If a guest searches for your business, they will be exposed to your profile and relevant information about recent events, achievements, and points of interest.

An active listing with regular posts leaves a good impression on your online reputation. It demonstrates that you are actively involved in communication with guests.

#2 Additional channel of communication with potential guests

When guests are looking for the best prices and a safer stay, it is essential to use multiple communication channels. You may already be present on various social media platforms. Still, Google my Business listing is an added advantage.

Namely, an additional communication channel can make a big difference in the number of direct bookings.

The guests often prefer the staff’s immediate response, influencing their final decision. In that case, communication is much more likely to result in the booking confirmation.

#3 Get benefited by price insights

You may have the best price for your stay, but how do you plan to show it? How will your potential guests know that your property currently offers discounts?

This is where Google My Business enters the scene.

One-click separates your potential guests from relevant information and reservations by placing your hotel or vacation rental on the Google My Business platform.

Namely, during the location search, the GMB listing will be marked on Google Maps, and your guests will find out more information about what you offer. At the same time, if you have a website linked to the booking engine, clicking on that link also allows you to stream direct bookings.

Completely free.

#4 Boost conversions through reviews

A considerable number of people decide on a reservation based on reviews.

Google My Business listing allows you to view the guest reviews, which is another factor that attracts more attention from potential guests.

The review feature is likely to be the first contact of potential guests with other guests’ opinions and your listing in general. Regularly responding to reviews will affect all the future ones – both reviews and reservations. Responding to GMB reviews shows your concern for the guest experience. Responding to negative thoughts instead of removing them will positively affect potential guests. They can see how you address any issues.

Google reviews give potential guests an idea of whether you are worth a visit. At the same time, previous guests have the opportunity to reconsider their opinion and perhaps consider revisiting.

Anywhere, Google Everywhere – Literally

Google has made the world a smaller place.

You can learn anything or plan a trip anywhere with just a few clicks. Google My Business will increase your chances of being found and chosen by a potential guest – simple as that.

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