Property Management System

Cover every aspect of your rental business – the easier way

Rentlio is built to help you save time and run things smoothly, right from the (ninth) cloud.

An intuitive calendar for all your daily tasks

Rentlio property management system is integrated with the channel manager and booking engine. This means that the reservations made on your website or OTA channels automatically show up in the calendar. Using drag and drop, you can easily move bookings from room to room without them ever falling out of sync. You can also set multiple rate plans and restrictions, do bulk edits and customize the view of your calendar, all in just a few clicks. But we’ve barely scratched the surface.

Detailed insights for all your data-driven decisions

Accommodation revenue, occupancy per month, reservations per country… Rentlio tracks your performance so you can make your next move the best move. Also, the Pace report now helps you view and compare the number of booked room nights, month-by-month, so you can witness your growth through numbers.

Quick invoicing for all services

Customize your invoices to fit your brand identity and meet local requirements. Easily track, charge in advance, and mark the status of each invoice. From the moment you get your reservation until it’s pay time – the invoice is always there, ready to be issued. You are also one click away from generating advance payment invoices, plus, there are no limits on the number of guests or invoices.

Lightspeed check-in and overview for all your guests

The check-in process is customizable and fast thanks to functionalities such as automatic invoicing or email templates with useful pre/during/post-arrival instructions. This way, you can spend less time doing admin tasks that make checking in a bore and focus on your guests instead. Whom, by the way, you’ll know like the back of your hand thanks to Rentlio’s guest profiles and history. And the better you know your guests, the happier you can make them. Use these insights to deliver more personalized service, improve your reviews, or create targeted campaigns later on.

An immersive dashboard for all that's going on

Keep an eye on the vital information that keeps your rental business going – including the number of incoming, current, and past reservations. Your housekeeping teams can also track guest check-ins and check-outs more easily.

Take a step toward fewer steps.

Stop clerking around – automation is a proven thing. With Rentlio, you can forget about mundane, costly tasks and work on improving your guest experience instead.

  • Automated e-mails
  • Automated credit card validation
  • Optional reservations that warn you before they expire
  • Dynamic pricing thanks to Pricelabs integration
  • Automatic room assignment

Don't take our word for it

We decided to go with Rentlio because it’s simple and ideal for our 16 room size. Rentlio allows us to do 90% of the operations through our smartphones. We love simple guest signup with a mobile scanner and Calendar through which we follow all the reservations, rates, and availability.

Ciro Sabljic
Ciri Biri Bela Hostel

Convenience, speed, intuitiveness, customer support, transparency, mobility, price, upgrades, paying attention to user feedback. Live chat works excellent in practice, and you get real-time advice and solutions. For the past two years, Rentlio has established itself as a high-quality product.

Kristian Auer
Vila Nepos Hotel

With Rentlio, we have a functional and easy-to-use tool that can handle a large number of facilities and optimize prices in a short time. Besides the Calendar, another favorite feature is a mobile scanner and automatic login to the eVisitor system.

Vinko Antunovic
Check-In Point Agency

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