Enhancing Housekeeping Efficiency for Deskless Staff with Rentlio & Sweeply

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Sweeply simplifies housekeeping management, communication, and collaboration, saving hoteliers and property managers an average weekday per employee. The housekeeping staff coordination is essential to offer your guests a flawless experience.

That is why finding the right solution for challenges such as multitasking, effective collaboration, and team communication is necessary. Over 150 independent hotels, hotel chains, vacation rentals, and cleaning companies already use Sweeply.

How Sweeply Helps Hoteliers & Property Managers

With unpredictable schedules and guests’ demands, hoteliers, property managers, and staff often need help with efficiency and service quality. Housekeeping is an aspect of hotel management and hospitality that directly affects the guest’s experience. Maintaining accommodation units at the highest level will result in positive guest reviews, which will, in turn, positively impact the property’s reputation and prevent potential loss of income in the long run.

Sweeply is an online tool that automates daily tasks for staff and enables managers to control the staff’s workload and get feedback more efficiently. Sweeply quickly adapts to your property and standards. Create rules and tasks, easily create a plan and assign it to responsible staff to avoid unnecessary stress and increase productivity. With detailed reports, property managers and hoteliers will understand business operations better and optimize efficiency at the same time.

This month, Sweeply launched its Optional Housekeeping feature. This feature gives guests the power to customize their stay by allowing them to decide if and when they want housekeeping service, ensuring unparalleled flexibility and personalization. The impact of this new feature on hotels is astonishing – between 50 and 70% of guests declined housekeeping services, freeing up housekeepers. This means lower costs, heightened guest satisfaction, streamlined operations, and boosted loyalty.

“This is a breakthrough! It is incredible to realize that increased guest choice in housekeeping can lead to less workload for the staff. And at the same time, the guests are experiencing a service enhancement, and our reviews are better than ever. It is a win-win for all.” Daniel Fridriksson, COO at Keahotels.

Rentlio & Sweeply for Flawless Guest Experiences

Hoteliers and Property Managers unlock benefits that positively impact guest satisfaction and operational excellence. This integration enables real-time communication between guest-facing staff, housekeeping teams, and management, ensuring everyone stays on the same page. Updates on room status, guest requests, and maintenance needs can be instantly relayed, eliminating delays and minimizing miscommunications.

“Utilising Sweeply with Rentlio hotel PMS has revolutionized our operational efficiency at Hotel Vitar. The ease of integration and the powerful tools Sweeply provides has made a world of difference to our housekeeping and maintenance teams. If you’re searching for a solution that truly understands the demands of the hospitality industry, I can’t recommend Sweeply highly enough.” Ivana Bakovic, Lifestyle Hotel Vitar, Management.

Efficiency and productivity are crucial factors in delivering exceptional guest experiences. By optimizing housekeeping operations, hospitality businesses can ensure that guest rooms are cleaned promptly and thoroughly, creating a positive and comfortable environment for guests to enjoy. Moreover, effective staff management is crucial in maintaining staff morale and reducing turnover. When deskless staff has transparent processes, proper training, and access to the right tools and resources, their job becomes more manageable and satisfying. This, in turn, leads to higher job satisfaction, increased productivity, and, ultimately, improved guest satisfaction.

Moreover, the partnership between Renltio makes sense on many levels. Both companies share the same values and vision of tech enablement for hospitality businesses and an unwavering dedication to customer success.

Petur Orri Saemundsen, CEO of Sweeply, says: “We are delighted to work with the team at Rentlio. We share the same values and vision of tech enablement for hospitality businesses and an unwavering dedication to customer success. Together we are unlocking tremendous opportunities and delivering unparalleled benefits to our clients.

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