When is the Right Time to Change Your Hotel PMS System?

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Hoteliers are constantly adapting to new ways of doing business to meet the demands of their guests effectively. The Hotel Property Management System (Hotel PMS) is the most critical tool for delivering quality services. 

The hotel industry dynamics drive increased modernization and adaptation of existing, typically on-premise, hotel PMS systems. Due to the frequent changes in the PMS market, rising guest expectations, and the need for more efficient hotel operations, an outdated hotel system can become a significant obstacle to achieving your goals.

Learn more about the key signs that indicate it’s time to modernize your hotel’s Property Management System below.

Hotel Property Management System Slows Down Your Operations

If your current hotel PMS limits your ability to manage your hotel efficiently, it’s the first sign that you should consider switching hotel property management systems. Modern hoteliers require a hotel management system that supports their operations.

Hoteliers often find themselves slowed down by using multiple systems to perform various operations. It leads to issues with integration quality and data synchronization between different systems. By adopting an integrated Channel Manager, Booking Engine, and Property Management System from a single provider, you can benefit in terms of time, revenue, and guest satisfaction.

Features Missing

A Property Management System (Hotel PMS) should provide a wide range of key features and functionalities that make hotel management easier. If you need fundamental elements like system access from anywhere or process automation, your hotel PMS needs to meet modern business requirements.

Rentlio Pro is a fully integrated and comprehensive hotel solution. Being cloud-based and accessible from anywhere, it offers intuitiveness and ease of use, making it an ideal choice for modern hoteliers.

Unreliable Customer Support

In the hotel industry, staff turnover is expected, and training new team members can be challenging and time-consuming. The Property Management System (PMS) provider should offer quick, effective onboarding and support. If you’re not receiving adequate assistance or if the support is ineffective in resolving your issues, it’s another clear sign that it’s time to change your operating system.

Rentlio Pro offers a flexible onboarding process, including online training and expert customer support. Additionally, the system’s intuitiveness means your new team members will quickly learn how to use Rentlio Pro, reducing training time and facilitating a smooth transition.

Complicated Personalization of Guest Experiences

Can you adequately customize your services to meet the modern guests’ demands? Does your current hotel PMS support you in focusing on better guest experiences?

Guests expect personalized services and experiences. If your current PMS allows you to customize guest experiences, you’re taking advantage of an opportunity to attract and retain guests.

The hotel industry is highly competitive, and guests usually research multiple hotels before deciding. From reservations and distribution channels to stays and check-outs, identify areas where you can optimize your guests’ experiences. If there’s something on your list that could be more achievable with your current hotel system, it’s time for a change.

Missing Integrations

A significant challenge is the inability to use desired integrations or the complete absence of options to connect with partners and services to meet your specific needs.

In modern multifunctional systems, such as Rentlio Pro, which includes integrating additional tools as needed, using outdated techniques that require manual data transfer and switching between different providers and similar service systems doesn’t make sense.

According to some data, 31% of hoteliers consider the inability to integrate with their existing systems as a barrier to adopting and using hotel PMS software. 

With a cloud-based hotel system and an open API, you can choose from various integration options to build a system that suits your property’s needs.

Unhappy Staff

Your employees are crucial to the successful operation of your hotel.

If they are frustrated with your current PMS, it can negatively impact productivity and job satisfaction. Rentlio Pro is designed to streamline your team’s daily tasks. Simple and intuitive, it allows your staff to focus on providing the best possible service to guests rather than administrative tasks. 

After implementing the Rentlio Pro system, Hotel Bevanda’s staff saved 5 minutes per reservation, and the hotel manager confirmed the ease of onboarding the new team members.

When Is the Best Time to Change Your Hotel PMS?

Once you’ve decided to change your Property Management System (PMS), the next step is to choose the best provider for your business and determine the right time for the change. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but there are ways to make the transition smoother.

Don’t Hurry, But Don’t Rush Either

It’s easy to adapt to outdated processes; postpone changing your PMS. However, more competitors are switching to modern cloud-based PMS systems while you wait. PMS is the heart of your business, and finding the right one requires thorough research. Make a list of key functionalities you need to have clear expectations.

Research or Hire an Expert

Talk to staff at hotels in your region or facilities with similar needs. While every hotel is unique, and guests define the processes, recommendations from fellow hoteliers are always a valuable source of information. Also, look for reviews on sites like Hotel Tech Report.

When to Implement a New Hotel System?

There’s no perfect answer to this question.

Changing a PMS typically takes about a month. The best time to switch PMS is usually in the months following the peak season. However, modern cloud-based PMS systems are more advanced, and upgrades happen much faster with fewer disruptions than what users of legacy on-premise systems are used to.

Nevertheless, when business isn’t as intensive, it will be more convenient for your staff and guests to use the new hotel system.

A Cloud-Based Hotel PMS System Is a Welcome Change

Cloud-based operational hotel systems and technology partners play a csignificant role in the survival of businesses today.

Cloud-based Property Management Systems make hotel operations more straightforward. Many hoteliers use a separate Property Management System and Channel Manager solution. Rentlio Pro combines the PMS system, channel manager, and booking engine solution with a complementary mobile application. While implementing a new hotel system may seem like a complication, it’s far less challenging than using a system that’s decades old and lags behind your business’s needs and your guests’ expectations.

By replacing an inadequate hotel system with a high-quality cloud-based hotel PMS, you’ll retain your quality staff, optimize occupancy, and provide excellent experiences to your guests. Additionally, if the cloud-based hotel PMS regularly performs upgrades, you can access the latest version and more advanced features.

Of course, you will only change your solution for the sake of change, but if your hotel system doesn’t meet some of these aspects or particular needs unique to your business, it’s a reason to consider a change. Rentlio Pro is a comprehensive solution that will help you improve your business and provide top-notch service to your guests without being burdened by the limitations of your current hotel system.

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