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What does the implementation of the technological solution indicate for employees of the hospitality sector? How significant is the technology impact on an industry based on close contact?

More intuitive than ever and constantly improving, tech solutions refresh the usual guest’s experience so that everyone could benefit.

A Brave New World

Does digitalization distance hospitality’s basic principles away from the modern guest?

Nowadays, hoteliers and vacation rentals have numerous digital solutions at their disposal focused on increasing efficiency, maximizing revenue, and improving the guest experience.

At first, it may seem there will be no more need for all-knowing receptionists. Based on their expertise and sharp communication skills, the receptionist could easily predict the guest’s expectations.

This approach will remain crucial regardless of technology.

Everything is Not For Everyone

The answer is not an implementation of every new tech solution.

Best solutions answer your business requirements specifically. As hospitality moves away from standard practices favoring intuitive and adaptable options, it is necessary to choose reliable solutions and partners.

Ask yourself:

Does this solution eliminate the usual blind spot? Does it otherwise meet (or exceed) current guest expectations?

Would the application of a specific solution enable the staff to provide a more personalized service to every guest?

Are the features of this solution just a current trend? Will this technology simplify and improve the guest experience?

Will this solution help strike a balance between close contact and tech solutions?

Is it easily integrated with existing technology infrastructure for improved functionality?

The solution should strike the right balance between personal contact and high technology.

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New Skills

McKinsey Global Institute estimated 50% of all work activities could be automated by 2055. Forbes predicts AI will eliminate nearly 1.8 million jobs – but will create an additional 2.3 million.

Engines taking over human responsibilities is nothing special.

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

For decades, manufacturing companies have reduced costs and increased productivity by using machines to perform physically demanding and repetitive tasks. More advanced AI manifests the potential to perform many functions, including the ones in hospitality.

The transformation of services creates an increasing demand for so-called hybrid skills. In addition to performing regular tasks, hospitality employees should possess specific familiarity with technological solutions.

Imperative – Better Service

Technological solutions are an advantage for everyone.

There is no need for employees to be location-bound while guests have complete autonomy over administrative processes. This way, the technology enhances the service, adapting administrative procedure into an approach focused on the guest’s needs.

Namely, cloud-based solutions redefine quality service. Full data synchronization, absence of overbooking, flexibility, and enhanced booking process result in countless quality experiences for your guests.

Even though the number of guest interactions with staff directly affects the evaluation, technology (and pandemic) changed how we communicate. Health implications of the pandemic’s emergence highlighted the need for processes with little or no contact with hospitality employees.

Balancing Tech and Close Contact

Technology needs to empower hospitality by adding value rather than being a futuristic replacement for quality service.

For some hotel groups, tech experience is an integral part of the offer, aimed at millennials, who often prefer to use technological solutions. In 2016, IBM and Hilton developed Connie.

Robot Connie helped guests find what they were looking for during their stay. That way, the hotel surprised its guests, explored new business opportunities, and eliminated queues in front of the reception for a couple of questions.

Have you already taken advantage of the digital solutions? We would love to hear your experiences in the comments. 😉

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