Messaging: More Than SMS Marketing – Connecting Guests Through Facebook Messenger

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Nowadays, most communication is digital. So, why not offer guests the opportunity to communicate on their terms? According to Statista, more than 2.5 million people in the United States alone use some messaging app.

Modern guests like to inquire about uncertainties or details that may not be highlighted or require further research. It is easier to send an inquiry to the inbox.

Personalized Inbox Experience

Facebook Messenger, and its integration capabilities, turn this service into a platform that promotes transactions and opens the door to new possibilities. It is more effective than e-mail or phone calls. At the same time, it can be used on your website and interact with interested guests in various deciding stages.

Improve Your Online Reputation

By actively using the newer tools available, your offer will certainly not go unnoticed. In turn, it will have a good impact on your online reputation.

More Direct Reservations

It is easier to guide guests to book directly during immediate communication. Even easier by using the booking engine. You should be available to the interested guest at the deciding moment.

You could enable direct booking with a simple Book now button, connecting your booking channel with Facebook. You could also inform guests about this possibility using Messenger. Or send a reservation link.

You can make more direct reservations using Facebook in two ways 👇

Integrating booking engine on the Facebook page

Rentlio Booking Engine acts as a standalone website. That is great for everyone who doesn’t have a website.

Follow the simple steps and place the Rentlio Booking Engine on Facebook. It will enable that Book now button at the top of your page (or whatever you call it).

And that’s not the end of the possibilities.

As the booking engine is a standalone website, you could easily predefine the template in Messenger (but also e-mail using Rentlio). You could use that templates to send a direct link to the reservation to all interested.

Setting up Facebook Messenger on the Booking Engine

Setting Facebook Messenger on the Rentlio Booking Engine requires minutes. So a guest reviewing your offer can easily send you a direct message that will arrive in your Facebook Inbox. That is a circle towards a better experience for your guests.

For example, suppose a potential guest searches your offer on social media. In that case, direct reservation is enabled by connecting the booking engine, even if you don’t have a website, with your Facebook page. Website for many is simply not a priority or is beyond current financial capabilities. Suppose your guest does decide to book directly. Facebook Messenger on your booking engine will be at service in case of any additional inquiries.

It is a circle by which you altogether avoided the need for a website, and on the other hand, provided the guest with a complete experience. If you haven’t yet, create your booking engine.

Photo by Kyler Boone on Unsplash

The Ultimate Goal: A Better Experience

For your regular guests, followers and potential guests.

Offer a great experience and show your creative side.

Guests love the modern way of providing services. Why stick to phone calls when it’s much easier to send a message. In this case, you can also send messages via WhatsApp, or a good old SMS, as it suits. Fast communication that does not involve the usual standards. It includes emojis and a more relaxed tone of the conversation. All of it will significantly affect guests’ satisfaction with your hotel or apartment and increase sales.

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