Your success, the only thing we take seriously.

Rentlio is not all about lines of code that save you time. At the heart of our product is a group of light-hearted people who truly want you to make it big.


Whenever you reach out to our customer success team — Nataša, Nina, Josip, Ana, Antonia, Petra and the rest — you’ll get one step closer to loving Rentlio. Because at the end of the day, we are driven by your success, not your size. This means we’ll onboard you, support you, and listen to you the same, whether you’re managing an oceanfront hotel or a mountainside cabin.

Patricija Stipčević

“Satisfied guests go hand in hand with great technology. With Rentlio we save at least 10min per each reservation received.”

Patricija Stipčević owner, Apartments Lavandula

Welcoming your ideas from the very start

We’ve helped hundreds of rentals step up their hospitality game, and in return, they helped us improve our product. We’ll keep listening to your ideas, suggestions, and feedback, knowing they hold the power to shape Renltio for the better.

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Median first response time

I wrote the longest article about Rentlio, and I could write even more. That’s how happy I am with how Rentlio works for me and my business.

Darko Kontinowner, Apartments Vila Kruna & Palma

Outstanding value for money

Rentlio’s tailored pricing ensures your every penny goes toward running a more streamlined, efficient business. We’re proud holders of Capterra’s “Best Value For Money” badge, a testament to Rentlio being a property management software well worth paying for.


World-class customer satisfaction!

Customer loyalty and happiness is everything, and with an NPS score of 82/100, we are in the category of world-class products according to our customers. With 9.2 mean score, our happy customers are willing to provide recommendations, increase referral flows and fuel our mutual growth.

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Our Customer Team will partner with you on how to best leverage Rentlio as it relates to your type of property. Learn how we’ll help you have happy guests at your property. 🙂

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