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eVisitor integration allows you to register / check-out guests to the Croatian Tourist Board through Rentlio. Once you connect eVisitor and Rentlio accounts, you will get access to the eVisitor menu through Rentlio.


By connecting your Rentlio and MailChimp account you will be able to export guests e-mail addresses into lists that you have inside your MailChimp account.


Pricelabs integration is helping property managers manage their revenue better. This allows you to take advantage of PriceLabs’ data-driven pricing and push optimized rates to OTAs.

SMARTorder Gastrobit

SMART.order connects ORDERMAN® wireless terminals into a system of smart solutions. Orders your guest makes can be charged on account of the room and be visible in Rentlio. Generating a receipt with consumed items through Rentlio is one-step away.

Remaris Restaurant

Remaris solutions are integrated with Rentlio and ORDERMAN®. Every order your guest makes can be charged on account of the room and be immediately visible in Rentlio. Afterward, you can quickly generate a receipt with consumed items through Rentlio reservation.

BiosICT Split

Rentlio integrates with BIOS ICT restaurant modul. Every order your guest makes can be charged on account of the room and immediately be visible in Rentlio. Generating a receipt with consumed items through Rentlio is one-step away.

Tax Administration (Fiscalization)

Thanks to this integration you can directly send receipts from Rentlio to the Croatian Ministry of Finances / Tax Administration.


GuestTalk integrates with Rentlio to positively change the way you engage with your guests and teams via SMS, email, and social media.


proRMS integration automates your revenue management through a price optimizer, extensive analytics, and forecasts. This integration will give you access to unique functions: group valuation, TRevPAR, trend analyses, and report building and comparison – all in a user-friendly form.


Chekin helps hosts automate the entire check-in process, from the booking confirmation till the check-out. Allowing them to save time, money and comply with the legal requirements by managing everything online: guests registration, online payments, remote access, data exchange with authorities.

Accept payments with Stripe software solutions designed to help you capture more revenue.
Integrated with Rentlio, Stripe is a payment getaway provider you can use for the Rentlio Booking Engine reservations charge.



Replacing multiple accounting systems eliminates the need for separate records for ordering, costing, and other management purposes. Minimax and Rentlio integration streamlines your business with an easy-to-use accounting system. Available for entities registered in Croatia.

4D Wand

Accounting in the hospitality industry is essential to track and analyze transactions and revenue. Integrate the 4D Wand accounting system for material and financial bookkeeping for small and medium companies with Rentlio to complement your business. Available for entities registered in Croatia.


Sweeply automates everyday tasks for your deskless hospitality staff. The Sweeply Engine automates your whole property, not only rooms linked to bookings. You can therefore manage rooms, public spaces, outdoor areas, and even machinery and generate the right tasks at the right time for the right people.


Hotel Housekeeping and Staff collaboration software. Flexkeeping transforms scattered daily hotel operations into clear, accountable & automated team collaboration.


High-tech solutions for increased guest experience satisfaction and interactive guest journey platform. Hoteza boosts internal sales & provides smart, functional & user-friendly products.


Take your guest experience to the next level using today’s most advanced digital hospitality solution.
Duve helps hospitality professionals improve performance, increase profitability, and enhance their brand using a single platform.


You can eliminate the burdens of managing this extensive business aspect by replacing multiple accounting systems. The Saop and Rentlio integration offers a user-friendly interface, seamless accounting connectivity, and reliable support, bringing a professional touch to streamline your overall business operations.


The Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (FURS) functions within the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Slovenia, overseeing diverse tax-related responsibilities, including customs services. FURS also handles limited financial guard tasks, contributing to the effective management of financial affairs in the country.






The Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services (AJPES) is dedicated to registry keeping, annual report management, statistical research, data collection, credit rating operations, and various commercial activities. It oversees registries, annual reports, statistics, data collection, credit ratings, and commercial activities through an extensive network catering to the State, institutions, research entities, and businesses.

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