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PMS stands for a property management system software, and it is used by hotel staff and management to run the entire property from pre-booking to check-out and beyond.

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The hotel business is rapidly changing due to the digital transformation in post covid era. Guests are looking for a fully digital experience before they even step into the hotel. Most property management system providers offer old, outdated legacy software which has been around for a long time. Those legacy PMS systems are built over twenty years ago, and they simply cannot keep up with modern guest expectations.

Modern Hotel property management systems, on the other hand, help hoteliers automate tasks and processes so that they can focus on what they do best – providing an exceptional guest experience. Below you will find out the key hotel PMS features and functionalities and how they can help run a modern hotel business.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Cloud-Based Hotel PMS System

Reduce Cost and Utilize Free Automatic Upgrades

There are multiple costs associated with legacy software providers, such as hardware and storage, high maintenance costs, expensive customizations, complex integrations, and much more. Any change or update to the legacy software takes a long time and costs a lot of money. On the other hand, modern cloud-based PMS software is known for fast implementation, minimal IT and maintenance costs, open API integrations, and free and automatic product updates.


Most cloud-based providers offer subscription-based pricing models without hidden fees and costs. For hoteliers, the subscription-based model is more affordable, especially when taking into consideration the additional costs of implementing and maintaining a legacy PMS system.


Automate Tasks and Processes

Are you still using Excel spreadsheets to manage your hotel business? If the answer is ‘’YES’’ you are not ready to take part in today’s fast-paced digital environment in which hoteliers are competing to attract guests, retain quality stuff, sell more rooms online, and improve the guest experience.


Cloud-based hotel PMS systems can help automate all areas of your hotel business by offering online check-in, mobile ID and passport scanner, automatic pricing and availability sync with all OTA’s, guest experience, and more. Hotel technology is rapidly evolving, and hoteliers need to understand their needs and challenges in order to find the right technology.


Access PMS Anytime and Across All Devices

When selecting a property management system, make sure you can access it across all devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. This allows you to always stay up to date with everything happening inside the hotel business. Modern cloud-based PMS are flexible and easily accessible anytime across all devices. Regardless if you want to check your reservations, need to book a room for a special guest, or change and push the latest pricing across all channels – you should be able to do it all directly from your smartphone.


Download a mobile app for IOS and Android for free and discover how you can manage your property from a mobile phone!


Make Data-Driven Decisions

Data and statistics are very important before making strategic decisions. The goal of the complete property management system is not only to simplify and automate hotel operations but also to track customer data and help make educative decisions. The data and statistics, such as occupancy rate, guest nationalities, number of nights, and channels, are critical to double down your sales and marketing activities to attract more customers. The data can help you achieve your goals by switching focus on the things generating 99% of the profit, not the 1%. Don’t forget that selling beds and food generates 95% of the hotel’s revenue.


Drive Direct and Online Bookings

Everything is happening online nowadays. Hotels are relining on online channels to generate bookings and revenue. There are two main ways to book a room online:


1. OTA channels

2. Direct bookings through the hotel website.


OTA channels such as Airbnb and Expedia are the most common online channels. A modern PMS with integrated channel manager software helps push pricing and availability updates to all channels simultaneously. The integration between hotel PMS and Channel Manager eliminates overbookings and makes sure that all channels are in-sync anytime. Direct bookings come through the hotel website. Discover more about Hotel Channel Manager.


You need to install a widget on the hotel website called the Web Booking Engine (WBE). An integrated Hotel PMS and WBE allows you to receive direct bookings from your own website into the property management system. Direct bookings through hotel websites are very popular nowadays because hoteliers avoid paying high OTA fees and keep more money by generating direct bookings.


Find out how hotels use Rentlio’s integrated Web Booking Engine to help increase direct bookings.

Key Features of Using a Hotel Property Management System

Before selecting a property management system, it is important to understand the difference between features and functionalities. Think of a feature as a set of specific tools you would use to complete a task. Functionalities, on the other hand, are what the product can do to do to solve your unique business problem. Since every hotel is different with unique requirements, it is important to find a technology partner who can help support you through the entire process.


Discover the key features of Rentlio PMS and find out how they can help you modernize your hotel business.


Main Dashboard

Main dashboard is basically an overview of all reservations inside the PMS system. A dashboard shows all arrivals, stays, and departures on a specific day. You have the option to add filters and customize the dashboard based on your needs. The elastic search bar on the top makes it easy to find a reservation and guest anytime.

Main Dashboard


90 days calendar view makes it easy to view all reservations, availability, and prices for each room. You will have the option to create as many room types as you want and manage prices and availability anytime. All the changes you make inside the PMS will automatically be in sync with your website and across all OTA channels. Simple drag-and-select feature makes it easy to manage a calendar and book a room anytime. Multiple view options allow you to see all princes and make changes as you wish.

Rentlio Interactive Calendar

Booking and Reservations

Booking and Reservations module allows you to see all guest information in one place, including check-in and check-out date, number of people, total rate, and payment status. The module makes it easy to create single or group reservations, as well as edit and update existing reservations directly inside the PMS. Option to view the payment balance and add additional charges to the account. Create folios and split bills based on customer wishes.

Rentlio Bookings and Reservtions

Reporting and Analytics

Analyze and monitor earnings month over month. Overview on occupancy rate, reservations per country, reservations per channel, price report, and more. Customize reports based on your needs and wishes. Rentlio offers more than 50 reports which will tell you everything you need to know about your business and help you make strategic decisions.

Rentlio Reporting Dashboard

Billing and Invoicing

Overview of all invoices, payments, and cancelations in one place. You will be able to check the outstanding balance and payment methods per reservation. Option to edit and customize receipts based on guest’s wishes.

Rentlio Billing and Invoicing


In addition to an integrated channel manager and web booking engine, Rentlio offers many integrations which can be implemented with a few clicks. Open API makes it easy for hoteliers to integrate and connect with their favorite apps.

Rentlio Integrations

Mobile App

Option to download and use the mobile app, which offers identical features as you see on the desktop version. The mobile app allows you monitor everything happening inside your hotel business. You can even make and manage reservations, change prices and availability per room, scan passports and IDs to check-in guests, and much more. Download Rentlio’s Mobile app for Android and IOS for free and explore its potential.

Rentlio Mobile App

Benefits of Using a Modern Hotel Property Management System

Today, over 35% of hoteliers are still using pen, paper, and Excel spreadsheets to manage their properties. Imagine how your guest feels when they arrive at your property and waits until the front desk manager writes down ID details on a piece of paper. What do they think? Which century do we live in? Using a modern hotel management system can help automate recurring tasks such as updating room rates and availability, sending out custom emails for pre-arrival and post-stay, invoicing guests, and more. Integrated and easy-to-manage channel manager allows you to take bookings from various OTA channels and view them directly inside the hotel PMS.


With a modern PMS system, your staff spends less time on administration and more time making guests welcome and happy. There are many cloud-based PMS providers available today. The cost of a PMS solution is no longer high and difficult to implement for smaller properties that are cost-sensitive.


Calculate Rentlio’s pricing and determine how much you can save by implementing the Rentlio property management system.

Why is it Important to use Integrated PMS Software, Channel Manager, and Web Booking Engine?

Most PMS providers offer back-office PMS Software without Web Booking Engine and Channel Manager. In this case, you get a basic property management software for which you need multiple integrations in order to manage your hotel business and receive online reservations. Integrations such as Booking Engine and Channel Manager can be very expensive to implement, and they add additional expense to your overall hotel business.


At Rentlio, we believe that Channel Manager and Web Booking Engine are the core tech stack for each hotel and, therefore, should be integrated and included in the PMS package. Rentlio’s integrated PMS Software, Booking Engine, and Channel Manager are always synchronized, so you don’t need to worry about having different prices and availabilities across OTA channels which completely eliminates overbookings. With Rentlio’s integrated PMS Software, Booking Engine, and Channel Manager, the hoteliers have only one company and only one support team to call if something goes wrong.

What is the difference between On-Prem and Cloud-based hotel PMS Systems?

There are hundreds of PMS providers in the market, and hoteliers need to be very selective when choosing the right solution. Before you even start looking for a PMS, you need to know what you are looking for – Legacy On-Prem or a Cloud-Based PMS Solution.


On-Prem PMS

The first On-Premisses PMS hotel management system was developed back in the late 90s to solve simple front desk tasks such as check-in and check-out. Over the years, legacy solutions somewhat evolved and adjusted to the new trends, but most of the features and UI, and UX stayed as it was back in the 90s. On top of that, the legacy on-prem solutions are complex solutions built on old technologies, which makes them difficult to customize. High implementation and maintenance costs, outdated user interface, and lack of integrations switched hoteliers’ focus to explore different options.


Cloud-Based PMS

Cloud-Based PMS is a modern solution built on top of the latest technologies. Clean, feature-reach UI and UX make cloud-based PMS the right fit for any type of hotel business. The flexibility to customize based on your needs and integrate with your favorite integration partner makes Cloud PMS as preferred PMS option.


Click here to find out how Rentlio’s PMS, Channel Manager, and Web Booking Engine help hoteliers across the world to manage their properties.

Investing in Hotel Property Management Software: Price, Implementation, Onboarding, and Support



The price of PMS Software depends on a number of factors, such as the number of units, the number of integrations, the complexity setup, the need for a booking engine, the support level, and many others. The average price of core PMS in 2023 is 9 euros per room. For  9 euros per room, hoteliers usually get just a back office without any additional functionalities and integrations. You can save a lot of money by implementing a cloud-based solution with an integrated web booking engine and channel manager. In this case, you will get a discount on must-have integrations which are critical nowadays for every hotel business.


Calculate how much you would save by switching to Rentlio PMS.



Compared to on-prem systems, implementation of a cloud-based PMS Software can take up to a few days. The implementation cost depends from provider to provider, but most cloud-based implementations are usually free. Your hotel will need to spend less money on maintenance and high IT costs, which are mandatory for legacy providers.



Hoteliers are looking for an experience that’s as close to ‘plug and play’ as you can get. Many PMS providers offer onboarding and training programs for all hotel staff. Detail onboarding helps hotel stuff and management not only learn how to use key modules but also how to utilize features that are not part of core PMS but can make a big difference.


Sing up and try Rentlio PMS for free.



Having support available 24/7 is one of the most (if not the most) important aspects before selecting your PMS partner. Ask for specific support numbers such as working hours, how long it takes support to reply, what is the average ticket resolution time, etc. This data will help you know in case something wrong comes up and how long it take to resolve the issue.


Key Takeaways

– Price varies based on many factors

– Always look for a user-friendly cloud-based PMS

– Make sure you get an integrated Booking Engine and Channel Manager

– Look for ways to decrease IT and maintenance cost

– Choose the ‘plug and play’ option

– Make sure your staff knows how to use the software

– Don’t buy PMS without support


How to Choose Property Management System for your Hotel Business?

Here are some of the questions to ask property management system providers regardless of the size of your property.


– Is the PMS ‘’ONLY’’ Cloud or a Cloud Native Solution? Big difference!

– Do they offer comprehensive back office features and functionalities?

– What does the Calendar view look like? Do they offer an interactive calendar with many split options?

– Is the interface user-friendly?

– Can you use PMS anytime across any device?

– How many integrations do they offer?

– Can they offer comprehensive reports and statistics?

– Do they offer an integrated Channel Manager and Web Booking Engine?

– Is in-depth onboarding and support available?

– How long does it take to implement PMS?

– Is there a free trial period? This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a good place to start!


Why not request a Rentlio demo to see if it’s right for you?

Why Rentlio PMS (property management system)?

Rentlio is a modern, cloud-based property management system made for hotels of all sizes. More than 1,000 customers in over 40 countries manage their properties using Rentlio PMS. Founded in 2015 in Zadar, Croatia, to replace old-fashion and outdated hotel technology by simplifying and automating hotel processes. At Rentlio, we believe that hotel management and operation should be easy and smooth, allowing hoteliers to focus on what they do best – making guests happy.


Find out more about Rentlio PMS and start using future PMS, today!


What is a Hotel PMS?

PMS stands for a property management system, and it is used by hotel staff and management to run the entire property from pre-booking to check-out and beyond. Click here to find out more about hotel PMS.

What is the difference between legacy and Cloud-Based PMS?

Legacy PMS is outdated software with an old-looking user interface. Legacy software usually costs more and is harder to implement. Customizations are expensive and typically take many IT hours. Cloud-based systems are the opposite. Cloud is more flexible, easy to implement, and less expensive. Click here to find out more about cloud-based PMS.

Why Rentlio PMS?

Rentlio is a modern, cloud-based property management system made for hotels of all sizes. More than 1,000 customers in over 40 countries are managing their properties using Rentlio PMS.


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