What is a Hotel Management System?

A hotel management system is a set of hotel management functions such as a property management system (PMS), channel manager, web booking engine, mobile app, and integrations mainly used by hoteliers to manage the entire hotel business.

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Key Hotel Management System Functionalities

Property Management System

Hotel Property Management System (PMS) is the heart of every hotel business responsible for its operation. Currently, in the hotel tech industry, there are two types of PMS software: On-Prem and Cloud-Based PMS.


On-prem PMS software was developed over twenty years ago and was designed to manage simple front desk tasks such as check-in and check-out. Over time the software evolved, but some of the old processes, such as long time to implement, high maintenance cost, complex customizations, and outdated screens, are not keeping up with modern hospitality trends.


Cloud-based PMS software, on the other hand, was designed to simplify font desk operations, automate tasks and processes, reduce cost, and improve efficiency. Known for modern-looking screens, fast implementation, and free and automatic upgrades, Cloud PMS is becoming the first option for most hoteliers nowadays.


Discover the key features of a modern Cloud-based PMS.


Channel Manager

Hotel Channel Manager synchronizes prices and availability across all OTA channels, such as Booking.com, Expedia, and other marketplaces. Today there are many channel manager providers which offer connections to your property management system. This adds additional cost to already high OTA fees.


Rentlio offers integrated PMS and Channel Manager, which are always in synch and connected. Pricing and availability updates can be done directly inside the property management system and visible across all channels in a matter of seconds. This significantly saves time and reduces margins for error.


With Rentlio’s integrated PMS and channel manager, you can not only connect to multiple OTA channels, but you can also eliminate overbookings. All your bookings and reservations that arrive from any OTA channel are always in synch and automatically visible inside the Rentlio PMS.


Find out more about Rentlio’s integrated PMS and Channel Manager.

                                                                                                                                                                   Hotel Channel Manager

Web Booking Engine

The web booking engine is basically a widget placed on the hotel website to generate direct bookings and reservations. Due to the high OTA fees, many hoteliers are looking for ways to increase revenue by eliminating unnecessary costs.


Just like for a channel manager, there are many web booking engine providers in the industry. In addition to the web booking engine cost, you need to make sure that the provider is integrated with your preferred PMS, without which you won’t be able to receive direct bookings.


Rentlio’s integrated web booking engine is connected with PMS and can synchronize all reservations across all channels. You can customize the widget to adjust the design of your website and to receive direct bookings into your PMS.


Discover more about Rentlio’s integrated PMS and Web Booking Engine.

                                                                                                                                                                  Hotel Booking Engine

Mobile App

Mobile App is very important in digitally transforming your hotel business because it allows hotel managers to always keep up with everything happening inside the business. The mobile app helps managers to make reservations, change prices, and manage availability directly inside the mobile app.If you have Rentlio PMS, you can easily download IOS or Android apps to your phone, log in, view current bookings, and make any changes you wish to make.Intuitive design makes Rentlio’s Mobile App simple and easy to use. Find out more about Rentlio’s Moblie App and find out how it can help you become more efficient.

                                                                                                                                                                          Rentlio Mobile App


The current trend and a buzzword in the hotel tech business are integrations. Integrations are basically apps, external software, and solutions that are connected to PMS via APIs. There are over 1,000 integrations in the industry, from spa management, upselling, and revenue management to channel manager and booking engine covered above.


Every hotelier needs to evaluate their own hotel business and find additional apps and software to help them become more efficient. Each integration adds additional cost and reduces revenue, so consider what your PMS provider offers as a core. Do they offer an integrated channel manager and web booking engine? If the answer is yes, this can significantly reduce the overall expense of your hotel business.


Discover more about Rentlio’s integration partners.

            Rentlio Channel Manager

Utilize All Property Management System Features and Functionalities

A property management system is a set of features and solutions responsible for managing the operation part of the hotel business. Every hotel is different; therefore, the requirements vary based on the hotel’s size and complexity setup. Below you can find the key property management system features and their impact on the overall hotel operations.


Interactive calendar

Key for managing all bookings and keeping all OTA channels always in synch. An interactive calendar is a place where you can view and manage all reservations, as well as make pricing and availability updates. The benefit of having integrated PMS and channel manager is in synchronizing all the information across all OTAs and eliminating overbookings.

Interactive Calendar

Front Desk

Front desk is a place where the first connection between guests and the hotel happens. In order to make a good first impression, receptionists need to have a friendly personality, but they also need to have modern and reliable software. Some of the key areas where software plays a significant role are a clear and easy-to-view reservation list, a simple check-in process utilizing an ID scanner, a fast check-out with many invoice-splitting options, etc.


Billing and Invoicing

Billing and invoicing are much more than just printing or sending invoices. The software allows you to customize and brand invoices, split bills based on customer wishes, exclude additional services from the bill, and much more. The hotel manager needs to be creative and provide multiple payment options to the guest.


Rooms should be clean and ready upon guest arrival. The housekeeping app connects housekeepers and front desk managers to update room status in real time. You will have the option to create and manage the cleaning schedule, view clean, dirty, and out-of-service rooms, and update reservations based on room status in a central housekeeping dashboard.


Reporting and Analytics

View over 50 statistics and performance-driven reports. Rentlio’s reporting module offers a 360-degree overview of everything happening inside your hotel business. Whether you are looking for simple occupancy data or forecasting and planning for the upcoming year, Rentlio reporting can help you find end export all the data you are looking for.


Find out more about Rentlio PMS. Get a free consultation today.

Reporting and Analytics

Hotel Management System Cost, Implementation, Onboarding, and Support


The cost of a hotel management system varies based on multiple factors such as the number of units, complexity setup, number of integrations, support level, etc. Calculate how much you can save by switching to Rentlio.


Rentlio’s average implementation is less than 24 hours. This is significantly faster than legacy system providers, which take months to implement. Rentlio implementation is fast and free, without hidden fees and maintenance costs. Due to the free and automatic upgrades, you will always work on the latest PMS version.


You will not be alone. Rentlio’s onboarding specialists will guide you through the setup process and show you how to use each feature and functionality of our software.


Support is the key to success. At Rentlio, we take great pride in our support team, which is always available and happy to help with any questions you might have. Our support experts’ average response time is 3:34 minutes, with 98.9% of responses being rated with the highest grade.

Key Takeaways

– Price varies based on the number of units, complexity setup, integrations, and support level.
– Always look for Cloud-based solutions to reduce implementation time and high maintenance fees.
– Ask how long it takes to implement software.
– Look for free and automatic upgrades
– Check if the provider offers personal onboarding.
– How often is the support team available?
– Ask for some key support matrix such as average response time and success rate.

Why Rentlio?

Rentlio is a Cloud-Based PMS, Channel Manager, and Web Booking Engine provider based in Zadar, Croatia. Currently, running inside over 1,000 properties worldwide, Rentlio is one of the best hotel tech providers in the hospitality industry.
We at Rentlio believe that the integrated Channel Manager, Web Booking Engine, and PMS are our biggest competitive advantages compared to other PMS providers. With Rentlio, you will have only one tech provider, one implementation, one onboarding, and one support team here for you.


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What is a Hotel Management System (HMS)?

A hotel management system is a set of hotel solutions such as a property management system (PMS), channel manager, web booking engine, mobile app, and integrations. Get free consultations today.

What is a Hotel PMS?

Hotel PMS stands for a property management system used by hotel managers and staff to manage the entire hotel business, from reservations to checkout. Find out more about cloud-based hotel property management system.

What are the benefits of integrated PMS, Channel manager, and Booking Engine?

The main benefits of having integrated PMS, Channel Manager, and Web Booking Engine are the synchronization of all channels, fast implementation and onboarding process, one support team, and cost benefits. Get a personalized demo today.

What is Rentlio?

Rentlio is a cloud-based hotel management system provider which offers integrated PMS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Mobile App, Integrations, and much more. Discover how Rentlio can help you digitally transform your hotel business.


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