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Guests nowadays have access to vast amounts of information—through comparison metasearch websites, search engines and online travel agencies.

Understandably, hoteliers and vacation rentals list their properties on as many distribution channels as possible to increase booking chances.

Still, it requires a lot of time, spreadsheets, and notebooks to manage multiple channels manually.

Until you start using the channel manager, Rentlio Channel Manager 😊

Channel Manager allows hoteliers and vacation rentals to broaden their market reach by simple integration and much more.

Channel Manager, nice to meet you 🤝

Channel manager advantages will depend on the openness of your property management system. PMS openness and sharing data with external systems – 3rd-party providers, will make numerous extranet logging redundant. Two-way integration is an essential tool for remaining competitive.

It is also what makes a cloud-based PMS system far more helpful than on-premise solutions.

Without channel manager integration, hoteliers and vacation rentals continue to:

  • manually allocate availability and pricing across multiple channels;
  • risk overbooking and double bookings;
  • risk incomplete occupancy.

Benefits of PMS – Channel Manager Integration

If eliminating overbooking and time-saving is not enough to ensure you of the channel manager benefits, the list below will 💪

#1 Connection

Channel Manager integration enables room rates and availability updates in real-time.

There’s no limitation on the number of corresponding channels. One-click updates availability and room rates across connected OTAs. Reservations made on any OTA will reflect on your PMS in real-time, without discrepancy in the room availability.

After changing the rates in Rentlio Calendar, rates will automatically update on all connected channels in a matter of seconds.

Not sure? Try it.

You will not miss the hours spent in different extranets.

#2 Flexibility

Quality channel managers are easy to use, regardless of the size and diversity of your team.

With Rentlio, you can use the channel manager integration via a mobile application, an extension of all the features available via desktop.

Management will fit in your pocket and allow more flexible control.

You can read about the advantages of mobile managing of one or more properties here.

#3 Overbooking and double booking

Double bookings and overbooking are a challenge for hoteliers and vacation rentals. It’s hard to manage channels and reservations when you have to log into multiple extranets. The automated nature of a channel manager makes this process thing of the past.

Communication between the channel manager and the distribution channels takes place in seconds. The guest can book only accommodation units that are available at a given time. By integrating your PMS and channel manager, you contribute to reduced guest dissatisfaction and allow optimal occupancy.

Find out how Rentlio Channel Manager solves such inconveniences here.

Rentlio Channel Manager

#4 Optimal revenue and occupancy

Channel Manager integration will boost your apartment, hostel, hotel or campground visibility.

It will enable you to expand your guest base and reach different geographical areas significantly.

With online bookings on the rise, a channel manager is the best tool for taking advantage of new traveller’s habits.

And much more.

With complete data transparency and synchronization, timely insight into the direction your sale is sailing is certain. ⛵

The following systems will further intensify functionalities of the channel manager integration:

Property Management System

The property management system handles administration, reservation management, check-in/out and availability/occupancy, to name few tasks.

Channel manager – PMS integration will make the information you alter in PMS recognized. It will also alert all the third-party booking sites, direct channels and reversed.

Without channel manager integration, you’d need to input the same information more than once on different systems.

The reservations made on your website or OTA channels will automatically show up in the Rentlio Calendar. Using drag&drop, you can quickly move bookings from room to room without them falling out of sync. You can also set multiple rate plans and restrictions, all in just a few clicks.

But we’ve barely scratched the surface of Rentlio functionalities 😉

Booking Engine

Instead of sharing your profits with OTAs, why not bring in direct reservations through your website?

Many potential guests will discover your property using OTA. Still, they will want to find out more before booking.

Allow them to book directly using the Rentlio Booking Engine.

Rentlio Booking Engine lets you receive bookings directly, simple, fast and secure. Every reservation is automatically synced with all connected distribution channels.

Price management integrations

The rates you set usually tend to be more or less on par with your competitors.

Long-range forecasting is vital to ensure what room rates level to put and, notably, when.

Revenue Management Software is a handy solution to manage and optimize your rates and maximize revenue, especially now. Find out how in our blog article about the possibilities of Rentlio – PriceLabs integration.

Gold Worthy Integration

PMS and channel manager integration deliver more bookings, fewer double-bookings and increased automation.

Everyone, including smaller, independent hoteliers and vacation rentals, can benefit from a PMS and channel manager integration.

Still, if the PMS you’re using is not open enough, you’re creating more work for yourself.

That is the main reason to choose a PMS provider who can offer you channel manager integration also. Coincidentally or not, this is one of the most significant Rentlio advantages. 🤔

Independently developing both the PMS and the channel manager, Rentlio makes managing all your properties significantly simplified.

Don’t you believe it? Check 😉

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